You finish high school with a heart full of eager and ambition. You fly across the globe to get the perfect education or maybe the perfect life. The options abroad are definitely wider and more varied, but will this help you reach the perfect life you ought to have? Although studying abroad would probably open doors to big and golden opportunities in life, it will put you at a risk of forgetting you are. Leaving your hometown and living In a foreign country, your life undergoes major changes.

The first thing that changes Is your lifestyle. Your way of living changes drastically that you are not even breathing the same alarm you used to breathe. Everything changes; what you eat, what you do on weekends, how you spend your day, and in time you develop a new lifestyle for yourself. This is not the only thing that changes but something even bigger does; your values. It happens quite often that when you travel to a foreign country, you face conflicts in your cultural values. For example, a man and a woman can have a full relationship before marriage.

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While hat is acceptable and legal in that foreign country, it is completely prohibited and illegal in your country and goes against your beliefs. However over time, you will either step on your values to adapt or isolate yourself from the society you are living in. You also build a new social community for yourself; with new friends, new neighbors, and new colleagues. Eventually you have a new life; you become a new person. It has been said that distance makes the heart grow cold. In the beginning they are regular phone calls and messages back and forth.

Regular becomes casual, and usual becomes rare, and rare becomes never. When you are living abroad, you are most likely to detach from your old memories, friends and family. You come back expecting life to be where you have left off, but the truth is; friends move on, small siblings are not small anymore, places look different… Even the simplest of routines like watching a movie with your small brother every Friday has changed because his life is too occupied now and there is no more room for you in it anymore. Being In the early stages of life, the desire to be someone Is overwhelming.

You end to be more ambitious as a teen. This ambitiousness may come on the expense of other Important values In life; your family. Your family defines your Identity, If you lose them, you lose your Identity. They decide what religion you believe In, your nationality and where you come from, and your culture and the traditions you follow. Degree, you will start looking for suitable career options. You may even come across golden opportunities that happen to be more appealing than those in your hometown. So you decide to stay in that foreign country.

You Live, grow up, get aired, and make a life there. Your family is no longer an acting role in your life. They mean nothing but a memory now. So here comes the moment of truth. Is it better to stay home where everything is and will always be familiar? Where your family is? And where you’ve been raised? The 4 years of college are usually the decisive years of your life. They decide how you will be living for the next 20 or 30 years. You may lose yourself along the way, and by the time you realize it, it would be too late to come back. So set your priorities and decide wisely.