James Joyce, is a story about how a young boy had crush on his friend’s sister, and how he wishes to see and talk to her everyday on the way to school. Once, the narrator has chance to talk to her, she has asked whether he is going to the Arab bazaar since it is such a diverting market. He promises to bring her some gifts since she will not be able to go.

Ever since that conversation, the narrator’s mind has fulfilled by the girl, he can not concentrate on the study, nor the daily life. He feels meaningless of how the routine life he has to carry on. The narrator asks his uncle to give him money to go to the Arab bazaar, the uncle comes home very late on the night and totally forgets the he has promised to let the narrator to go to the market, the narrator Is running out of patience and once he gets he money, he takes the train to the destination, Arab.

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When the narrator arrives, the market Is about to close, there are only few stands left, he tries to look around for the goods, but he did not buy anything at the end. Suddenly there’s voice called from the end of the gallery and the market closed. The lights turned off and the narrator stands In the dark and he realizes himself derided by vanity and ends up with the emotion of angry.