Debut Albums and Magnificent Idea Stealing is Just plain old wrong, but still that doesn’t stop people from doing it. They don’t take the time to realize the amount of trouble that they’re getting themselves into. Or maybe they Just don’t care, but they really should. Stealing has no excuses, explanations, or anything, because when you get caught that’s It. There are reasons why you shouldn’t do this, good ones, theses are the things that people should think about before stealing.

First of all what would God say, do you think that he would actually want you to doing this. Sure he forgives us for our sins, but do you want that guilt hanging over your shoulders, no, you don’t. The bible says, “Thou shall not steal,” but do you think of that at all. Now what about jail time and your record, over do your limit and you might as well start working on your jail visits. Don’t get this wrong or take it the wrong way, I’m not saying go out and steal and just don’t get caught. No, the point is thinking and using your head.

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You have to think about your future, how would it look if you’re trying to get a Job, you meet all of the requirements and Just flat out qualified for the position o’er applying for, but shoplifting shows up on your record. So all of a sudden “Bam” you’re no longer qualified. Look at what It does to the future, you might get another chance, you might not. Why gamble with life, why keep taking chances, and fooling around. Take a look at this. Let’s say that you’ve been stealing for a while and you think you’re pretty good. You’ve never got caught and also you believe you never will.

You go into a store start picking up things like you always do. Now you’re walking out of the door and a man says, “stop” you do so, but all of a sudden, realize that you’re caught. Then you think “no way, this has to be a dream,” but it’s the realest thing that you will ever encounter. Soon you’re In the back of the store, giving him all of your information, and he’s calling your parents. Now you have to go to court, pay fines, and of course punishment. Do you see how addicting this Is, you keep doing it and doing until you get It, but who’s to say you will stop there.

If you can’t steal you’ll go to something else that you can do or you might Just keep stealing. And neither one of them Is the right road to go down. Then the punishment, it really seems like it will never end at all. There’s the punishment from parents and the court. Now because it’s you’re first time you might get 24 hours of community service and one year of unsupervised probation. Not so bad right, no, once again you’re wrong, you have to think about your record again. And what if you’re too young to do the work at some of the stores, your next option is church. Do you want everyone in your business? Little too late to realize that, don’t you think. ” The punishment at home is Just as worse as the one the court gave you. Have a cell phone, not any more you don’t, date next week, I don’t think so, everything huts down and you’re on lock down. Punishment can help you see how wonderful and great freedom Is. The guilt, lies, and everything Just come out. What It does to your life, cause of course you weren’t talking of this. You weren’t thinking that this would ever in a million years happen to you and why would it, because you can’t day you got caught it wasn’t your best.

Maybe you Just weren’t thinking, had your mind somewhere, or you were thinking and Just didn’t care. See where not caring can get you, in a courtroom, with a Judge, and you sitting next to your mother. Don’t sound to good now do it. No, it doesn’t but this one girl thought she was too good and wonderful for some like this to bring her down. Here’s her story. She’s a young girl, about 13, smart, beautiful, and gets everything she deserves. But she’s greedy, tired, and bored she needs something new to do. Joan (that’s her name) thinks and thinks until she gets this wonderful, magnificent idea to steal.

Decides she is going to stop using her last dime to buy a shirt, pair of pants, new earrings and all of the shiny material goods. Little does this young trying to be grown girl know her wonderful and magnificent idea isn’t so great after all. First it starts off Joan is by herself Just hanging in the store. She has about ten dollars on her all together. And she needs that to put money on her phone for tomorrow. So she takes the shirt, goes to the back, to puts it in her bag, and Jets out of the store. Easy, quick, and simple anti nothing like getting some for free.

Only it’s not free Joan going to pay for that shirt and it’s going to cost more than what it did. It doesn’t stop there no not at all she keeps going. For one she believes that she is unstoppable, two what’s the worst that can happen, and three who cares they won’t even miss it. Right? WRONG!! The thing is Joan people care and they are going to miss it when it comes out of their next paycheck. What’s the worst, I’ll tell you, getting caught, going to Jail, and the guilt on your shoulders. Joan you are stoppable and you’ll soon figure out that you will be stopped.

So the next part of Jean’s story is when she hooks up with her friends. And at This point stealing is like a new thing on the block, so everyone is doing, sorry again to bust your bubble but everyone is not doing it. Everyone goes to chill at Wall-mart after the game. Joan and her crew do to, but see Joan is in desperate need of a new pocketbook, Sally is loving the flat shoes and wants a pair for herself, Jim likes impressing the ladies and needs something fresh to wear to the dance, and last but not least Sarah and this girl is all about hair, so she needs the works.

They go for it. Once again they don’t get caught and everybody is happy for the time being. By now they’ve done this a few more times and truly believe that they’re good. Really they’re addicted and don’t know how or when to stop. So once again Joan is in the store alone and sees this nice pair of earrings. She’s thinking to herself its only one thing, go head and get it. Little does she realize someone is watching every move she makes and everything she take. Joan is walking out of the door like everything is fine.

And the man says, “stop young lady’ right about now her mind is probably rushing trying to think, but she’s in shock and she’s caught. The man takes her the back room and she cooperates, and he calls her parents. Joan is now on punishment, has a court date, and all of this for nothing. The point is stealing is wrong. We shouldn’t do, it hurts so many people around us. But the person it hurts the most is you, look at all of the trouble you went through to try and avoid this, now look at all of the trouble it got you into.

And there’s no way to get out of it, you should have stopped while you were ahead, or when you were you sit back and realize how dumb it was. So stealing is stupid, it gets you nowhere and if you keep doing it you’ll end up nowhere. So what do you do the next time you walk in a store? You look around pick up nothing that you already know you’re not going to buy. Go get what you need and head on out. The best way to stay out of trouble is to not even think about doing it, UT if you do you have to control yourself, learn to say no to others, and Just walk away if they don’t want to listen.

Long as you know stealing is wrong and that there is no point in doing, good. And really if you haven’t started stealing don’t. It’s too addicting and gets you into too much trouble. So Just don’t steal! Last and farther most I would like to thank my probation officer for giving me another chance to prove myself. I would like you to know that this was a mistake and a one time only thing. Believe me it won’t happen again. To Bell’s management and staff I would like to say I’m sorry for breaking the law ND stealing clothes from your store.

I also want you to know that this won’t happen again and that I have learned my lesson. I hope you didn’t get the wrong impression of me; I am really and truly a good child that Just made the wrong decision. To my parents and my uncle I would like thank them for supporting me and staying by my side in my time of need. I want them to also know I am very sorry for what I did. And last but not least to anyone else who may read this know that I have learned an important lesson in my life. I am truly blessed to have gotten this chance to prove and renew myself. Thank You.