With this ticket I have learned that it is not okay to speed. You should always pay Tate noon while driving no matter how experienced you are. You never know what could happen n. There Is no need to travel at a faster speed than the one that Is set by the law. I have learned that you don’t need to rush to get places. You will get there eventually. I don’t need to be in us chi a hurry going places. Speeding does not help you get anywhere faster. All speeding does is in crease your chances of injuries.

Speeding is one of the easiest ways to wreck. When you are traveling at high speeds, such as eighty one in a fifty five, there is no easy way to stop. For ex. ample, if there Is an accident there Is no way for someone who Is traveling at such a high speed d to stop on a dime. Speeding Is not the answer. Speeding an easy way to get hurt. You could e sally make a mistake and wreck and hurt, not only yourself but the people around you. I have lea Rene not to speed.

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To pay attention to road signs and be aware of my surroundings. Someone co old have easily gotten hurt because of my actions. You won’t get to your destination any faster. No matter what your speed is you will still get there eventually. There is no reason to speed tog et somewhere. I have learned that speeding can lead to bad accidents. It can cause call dents. It Is not a smart decision, but It Is something people do every day. Speeding takes away you reaction time.

Or say you are traveling at high speeds and a tire blows you are more I Kelly to lose control at high speeds rather than low speeds. If you are speeding in bad weather co intuitions you will have less traction. If you are approaching an icy bridge in the winter at high speed ads you will not have very good traction. Speeding also uses a lot more gas than obeying the speed d limit. Some people are unaware of how fast they are going until they get caught. Most peep el speed out of habit. Speeding Is mainly bad because It Is against the law.