Ring Hop Speech Distinguished guests, members of the faculty, to our non;teaching academic leaders and mentors, visitors, fellow pencil pushers, friends, ladies and gentlemen… A pleasant and blissful day for all of us!

Indeed, it is appropriate and satisfying to celebrate this noteworthy day for each and everyone, colleagues and educators alike, who in many countless ways or another have manifested relentless effort and determination, touched and molded together our youthful lives, guided our enthusiasms and keen resolve, to lay the foundations of capable skills and knowledge, in preparation for the never ending struggle of a utter future..

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We could not deny the reality, that from the flirts Instance that our Inquisitive mind was nurtured to enrich our initial sense of being, it is our aspiration to struggle and succeed in cultivating our raw talents, hone our skills to obtain the proficient know- how we all need to organize ourselves in entering the world of profession and trade opportunities.

It is altogether fitting and proper that on this very remarkable day, with all the beliefs and hope this ring hop should signify, we ought to vow not to fail the pains, sacrifices and devotion to fulfill our noble calling, that as we dedicate this ring for those who rusted and relied on us, we must never forget that their expectations depend on how we absorbed the Ideals, the vigor and passions of our personal endeavor, that we may become triumphant In our Individual goals and ambitions..

On this note and as we should now part ways to thread our diverse professional undertaking in pursuit of our destinies.. Let us all wear this ring that would remind us or make us all cherish the smile and tears we shared together and pray that God’s grand designs would finally come into being for all his magnificence in service to our fellowmen. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..!. Everyday In our lives. We came to see many people passing by without knowing that someday you may work with them, or be with them. Ann. in first on my mind. You might be asking why, but it was really them. During my first year in college, as I remember, it was tough. I was a transferee back then, and higher year students stare and look at me as if they’re trying to Finn something in me. I am not the kind who make friends easily. I keep my mouth close and never try to speak 1st. The good thing that happened to me during those days was that, someone took the effort and make the first move in knowing me. Well, I am still a good friend indeed.

We talk, we share, we sometimes do our projects and even on eating lunch together. Apteral, starting out as a freshmen is not that bad. I may have difficulties on certain stuff yet it turns out to be a success. My 1st two semester in college taught me how to mingle with people who are quite different with my own lifestyle. The friends I met along the way taught me to become independent, most especially that I am studying away from my family. Days were so fast as if the freshmen years had gone by like a wind.