There are so many beautiful and amazing places I have visited in my lifetime; however my home patio has a very special meaning to me. My patio is filled with lots of love and relaxation. I seem to get a god sense of thinking when I’m out my patio. It gets me away from lot of unexpected obstacles that this world brings. Since I’m buying my house I have a relaxing place that I can actually call my own. Good relaxation really does my body good after a long hard stressful day at work. My screened In patio Is located In my fenced In backyard.

Sitting out on the patio I see all the great things that my backyard brings. My small but upcoming garden that is filled with carrot, squash, peas and onions is so colorful and eye catching. I tend to get dazed when I stare at my Olympic size in ground pool that is so bright and blue like water in the Caribbean island. A lot of the time as I sit on my patio feeling the nice cool breeze of my ceiling fan going round and round I still can’t believe I’m a homeowner of such a beautiful house that offers so much.

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The sounds of birds chirping, my Yorker barking, wind chimes chiming, sipping on bitter dry red wine and the breeze of my ceiling fan while glazing Into a magnificent backyard is my definition of relaxation after a long day of work. My patio Is Like a man cave, however I’m a woman so I call It a woman cave. Love Is all throughout my patio. I have many types of big, colorful and beautiful flowers I started collecting.

All of the flowers that I have collected that are on my patio are lowers from some of my close deceased family members such as: grandmother, grandfather, and two baby brothers. The flowers that bring my patio such vibrant color is peace lilies which have green petals with a white flower coming out the center, crepe myrtle which are purple, white and pink, and red and pink roses. I have kept these flowers alive since their burial. Having these flowers symbolizes the love between me and my deceased love ones.

I make sure to keep them watered and give hem the proper amount of sunlight to keep them look Justas bright and full of life as they were at the burial site I don’t think that It is very common for many people to have a back yard patio as a very special place. For me It Is more than special. I have put a lot Into my patio to make it a place that I go to get away from everyone and everything. Relaxation and love are the two things that make my patio.