They all know, They all know! ] Sorry, did I wake your dreams? Some questions run to me We only, only wake up when we sleep Met by the lunar light, trouble’s all we find Lost our way tonight Asking God, if he did something wrong. Is it something we said? Is it something we said to them? Pi is trapped at sea, no way home, all alone, with no family. “The endings are the same as every other, we’re only here to die”. Like the rest of his family, he thinks he will die as well at first before he gains all of his hope.

Is It something we said?! [Save me] I’m trapped In a vile world Guiding light refers to God, and hope. Seeing a light at the end of a tunnel, it also represents the end of the bad, and start of the good. Where the endings are the same as every other We’re only here to die I’m losing my only dream I can use some guiding light, some place to go If you hear me, let me know Ever since the day you let my face being said unknown How many years to walk this path alone So much to see tonight, so who’d you close your eyes? Pi cannot sleep at night.

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Why can’t I shut mine? Is it something we did? Is it something we did to them? Is it something we did?! I’m trapped in a vile world Where the endings are the same as every other Blindness: huge theme in Life of Pl. Sanity: The debate of whether Pi is insane or completely sane. Brings up how if the person can admit they are insane, that usually means that they are actually in fact perfectly sane. Help me find my way So, help me find my way No pulse inside of me, stone cold lips and have seen All lies into a degree, losing you I want be

Find out, what now? He may be out of his mind But someday you will find, that sanity has left us all blind And dragged us all behind, a moment seen with those eyes Crystal blue skies, they say that all beauty must die I say it Just moves on If you only open your mind, then someday you will find That sanity left us behind, and walk right through the dark I can see the picture’s clear, it’s yesterday, pictures of my own I can hear the voices begging you to stay, but know you’re not alone. Open mindedness, the second story.

People whom heard Pip’s story and had a closed mind, they would not even consider that his story was factual and truthful and that he actually experienced. If you are not open minded you cannot see as many or learn as many things as a person with which does have an open mind. [Save me] Tonight we all die Tonight we all die young! All beauty must die. The beauty of Pi died, some may say. The beauty of his vegetarianism died the day he ate a fish. The beauty of Pip’s youthfulness died the day the ship sank and killed his family.