We were not coincidentally placed on this planet we know as earth to Just be. There is a greater, more profound reason we are here, Interacting with others, making friends we can identify as family, and impacting the lives of those we come in contact with. Although many may not realize It, we all have something unique to give. It may take someone their whole life to find their purpose, and some sadly manage to float through life without discovering theirs. Thankfully, I eave found mine early. .NET to my first yoga class. This Is a feeling I will never forget. Long story short, I enrolled In a 200-hour Instructor certification course the next summer, and my life was forever changed. I gained Insight no one acquires until his or her later life, and I recognized I had been extremely selfish and so wrapped up In my own “stuff” that I had no energy to serve others. One cannot give what they do not have, and if I did not possess love and happiness towards myself, how could I expect to exude these ululates, yet receive them in return?

I believe through my instructor training, I found the purpose of my incredible, valuable life; to heal those who need healing, to comfort those who lack security, to provide compassion to those who are in need, to listen to those who have no one, and to strengthen everyone I come in contact with. In order to achieve my purpose, I began instructing more and more classes, and observing the participants. The affects the yoga practice provoked on them were extraordinary, enveloping myself with linings of incredible Joy and warmth.

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To provide others with insight and fortitude is one of the most moving experiences. I believe I will establish my own yoga studio in the near future, and I will do everything in my power to make it the best it can be. Once I obtain a goal, I will push myself to surpass even my high expectations, and work until I feel there Is nothing else to be done. Thankfully, I know my purpose, and I will never fall short of the responsibilities I feel come with it.