The Horrid Habit: Sloppiness Sloppiness, a lazy, unproductive habit, causes errors, confusion, and other undesirable characteristics. A person who is sloppy is usually too lazy to break the habit and become organized. It is an unproductive habit because not much is getting done, and nothing can be located to accomplish any work. Many people suffer from this habit with the main consequence being they continually make errors.

For example, I have made the mistake on a major math test of sloppily writing numbers or letters which I mistake for different numbers and letters resulting in a minor mistake that affects the entire answer. Sloppiness also causes confusion and aggravation. One might get confused while searching for such a long time and become aggravated by not being able to find something.

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I have personally experienced aggravation when not being able to find a school book because my locker was a mess. I have had a messy and unrecognized locker, and have not been able to find the correct books fast enough to make It to my class on time. Therefore, I received a demerit and missed out on some of the material taught In the beginning f class, and sometimes It has even resulted In a delayed start on a test or quiz.

Besides confusion, errors, and being unproductive, sloppiness can also create other awful habits such as unwillingness, rudeness, and laziness which worst of all results In excuses. Sloppiness Is a problem that no person really Intends to have, but they do not realize they are becoming sloppy until It becomes out of control or In some cases until someone must tell them they are sloppy. Sloppiness causes laziness, confusion, and errors, therefore Limiting the person from enjoying a good and productive life.