In Ecstasy “I don’t think I can do this dad. ” My dad, Nicholas Jones, glanced at me with a stubborn gleam in his eyes. I could see the wrinkles and old age etched into his kind, warm face. “You can do this Danville. ” My father retorted in a friendly tone. I glanced at the wind tunnel that was supposed to be a skydiving simulation. I was pretty frightened because I have a fear of heights. The reason why I had wanted try wind tunneling despite my fear was because I wanted to conquer it.

I thought that if I could brave through this simulation, I would be one step closer to tearing down my ear of heights. Remembering why I was here gave me a newfound confidence. I put my ‘game face’ on, and I decided that It was now or never! My diving Instructor, Pierre Georges suited me up for skydiving and the feeling of adrenaline that pulsed through me, as the thrum of the machine that pumped the alarm to blow about 150 miles per hour will never be forgotten. The feeling of flying though the air that whispered against my face will forever be burned into my mind.

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Earlier that day, many cars in all different colors and shapes rushed outside my car window. Today was a special exciting day because I was going to ;FLY Hollywood. At iffy I would be wind tunneling, which is a simulation for skydiving. It was a long drive for our destination was all the way in Hollywood! But I had a gut feeling that it would be worth it in the end. After many hours passed we finally pulled into the parking lot of Iffy and the butterflies rushed into my stomach.

As soon as we walked in, we talked to one of the diving instructors, Pierre Georges, who was expecting us since we reserved a place beforehand. We signed some warranty papers and off I went with my Dad who aged along beside me as we followed Pierre to go get me suited for wind tunneling that was sure to be an exciting, spontaneous experience! I stood in the changing room with the rental clothes in my right hand. There was a long black suit that was supposed to go over my regular clothes. It was big and bulk, also a little saggy.

I scrunched up my nose at how distasteful it was. Though I put it on because safety is more important. Though Pierre said wind tunneling is much safer than skydiving and in general as an activity, it’s still a good idea to take precautions. I finished getting erased and went outside with Pierre and Dad to get my safety goggles and gloves, and then go to the wind tunnel that was outside. As we were walking I was getting a little conscious of actually going wind tunneling. But I remember how Pierre told me about his flirts time wind tunneling.

He said, ‘that It’s scary at first, but you quickly forget about that feeling because It’s replaced with a feeling of excitement. ” Though, even with that said I was still a little scared. But I was too determined to run away Like a chicken. Finally, we stood outside the big machine that pumped fast air that made dude to the area on the wind tunnel, where I will help you get on your belly and float! ” Pierre chirped. I looked at him like he was a lunatic. How would I actually be able to float like he says I am? What happens if I fall and hurt myself deeply?

All these negative thoughts were rushing around my head like a swarm of bees in a honey hive. I felt a sweet, ecstatic rush of adrenaline flow through me. The palms of my hands were clammy and slicked with sweat. “Dad, I really don’t think I can do this. ” My Dad glanced at me and gave me a thumb up. Mimi got this honey. Don’t let your fear of eights get in the way of you having the time of your life! ” My Dad instructed. I pasted a heartwarming smile on my face because my Dad remembered about my fear of heights.

You can do this’ reverberated through my head and as it did, I know I could handle this! I nodded at Pierre who took my hand and took me to the center of the wind tunnel. I felt the icy wind flutter against my face as I was suddenly, but slowly, having my feet lift up off the ground! Pierre smiled at me as he glanced my wild, happy face. He slowly let go off my hand and I as soon as I knew it I was flying. I as actually flying, for the first time of my life! The feeling of flying was incredible. It felt like nothing could touch or hurt me.

I quickly forgot about my fear of heights, and let the glorious feeling run through me. I looked over at my Dad, and this time he was giving two thumbs up and for a second I thought my face would be stuck forever because I couldn’t stop smiling. So as soon as it began it was over. Pierre got me down from the wind tunnel by dragging me to the walkway next to the wind tunnel. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I was a little shaky but very proud of myself cause for the first time in my life I conquered one of my greatest fear!

All in all, being brave is not as hard as you may think it is. As long as you have people encouraging you to do your best, nothing can stand in your way. Despite myself having a fear of heights, my Dad and Pierre helped me over come it by standing by me and giving me gentle words of enlightenment. The memory of wind tunneling will never be forgotten along with the moral of bravery too. In fact, I will definitely go wind tunneling soon and maybe I might actually go skydiving later on in my lifetime!