I want to visit in the future. When I read magazines or watch TV, I realize Sing is very beautiful, safe and crime rate is low. People are attracted by stable conditions, amazing places and delicious cuisine. Firstly, I want talk about education of Sing. Until now, Sing has established good study environment. The study period, physical exercise and relaxation are in balance. The curriculum is practical, so many students in Asia want to study in here. Secondly, about the amazing places. There are many interesting places in Sing.

You can’t leave without visiting museums, parks and nature preserves. Beside, you can take some photograph or go sight seeing around the city. I think its will be funny. Then, I will talk about traffic. Street is not Jams. When you go out, you will have fresh air because people always use buses and trains, so reducing amount of smoke and dust. People in here always have a good sense of hour impotent it’s keep the environment very clean. They don’t smoke in public places and air conditioning places, plane tress round the road & them house, other actions.

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Finally with cuisine. Mum, I realize the cuisine is as abundant and diversified as VietNamese cuisine with foods such as chicken rice, ice cream, fried noodles. Besides, Sing has some food from France, Italy and Chine… I think it is very delicious and have a good smell. Singapore very interesting place. I can’t discuss everything about it but the mentioned above of the outstanding characteristics about which I want tell for you. I hope, I can visit Singapore in the near future.