Mom’s word stuck me like a lightning bolt. I was so shocked that I forgot to give reaction to what I had Just heard. Maybe because a part of me still believed this couldn’t be true. Well, was It a joke? I looked back Into mom’s eyes. She was still looking at me with pitiful look in her eyes, which showed me sympathy. I wanted to ask her if she was Joking, but then I realized it would be hard to bear the pain if she said no. Instead I wanted for her to say something else or give a reaction. After a few seconds of dead silence and gazing into each other’s eyes, mom finally uttered a few rods. I’m sorry Angelina but that’s how it is, Saline has to move because her mom found a Job somewhere else, people don’t always last at one place for too long. Elf her parents want to move we can do nothing about it. ” Mom Washington and now I was sure of that. The pain immediately ran through me. Saline had been the best friend Eve ever had. She supported me through everything. They had been together since Grade 7 and now in Grade 9. Angelica’s heart broke apart to think she would never see her best friend again. Chapter 2 There I was sitting on the porch in my backyard looking at the picture of me and Selene.

It was taken last summer yet It brought me the ripe memories of the beautiful moments left behind. It all started off with both of them meeting each other on the first day of grade 7. Angelina was being picked on by a few popular freaks and Saline was the first one to stand up for her, Angelina and saline soon started to hang out and before they knew it they were best friends. Thinking about those days, Saline and I had a lot of great time. Like once, Saline and I went to an amusement park Dreamland. It was our dream to go there! That day was a BLAST! Sillies was very scared to ride the roller coaster!

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No! You know I’m scared to go on the roller coaster! ” Saline shouted. “Why?! Trust me when you get on it, it’ll be extremely fun! ” Angelina said excitedly. “Oh good Angelina, Can you Just go alone? ” Selene asked. “OMG! Just come with me! ” Angelina yelled while dragging Saline. So finally Saline got on the roller coaster, but she was very nervous. She kept saying “Oh, my god help me, help me. Help me please! ” And finally! The roller coaster started. The roller coaster didn’t even go half through and Saline started SCREAMING! I was laughing. After, guess what happened?

Saline finally calmed down but this time he started wave her hand up In the air and stared to scream with Jolly Well I sure looked like she wasn’t scared anymore. So afterwards we rode more rides and then went back home. Ah that day was awesome! Another great time we had was when I had a sleepover at Colleen’s house on Friday. We had planned everything about what we’re going to do at night. First when I went, we were Just talking and gossiping about school and other stuffs. But who knew? Saline made me watch a scary movie! “NO!!! I HATE SCARY MOVIES! ” I shouted. “Yeah you do, remember when you made me go on the roller coaster?!

Saline said with an attitude. “Yeah. But you weren’t scared anymore… ” I said. Smile. Well, I had to watch the movie. I realized that I have to get used it so I won’t get scared anymore. But I was REALLY scared. I cover my face with my hand, I peeked at the movie. In the middle I removed my hand because again I knew I have to get used to it. I was a bit scared but I watched the movie. After I thought to myself that ghosts aren’t real so why should I be scared? So then I was never ever scared of horror movies! Thanks to Saline! So that night we had a lot of fun! We ate, talked and played Ames.

Chapter 3 Tears fell from my eyes. I could help it. The thought was painful. The day passed. I couldn’t eat, sleep or concentrate on anything. One day when Angelina was sitting in her bed alone, when her mom came in, she said “Sweetie, you can’t stay like this for your whole life. Silliness’s moving on Friday, how about you spend the time before she leaves with her that day? ” “l guess that’s a pretty good idea… ” I replied. The last thing I wanted to do was not see my best friend for the last time. Chapter 4 Every day was passing like months. I couldn’t wait to meet Saline on Friday.

I decided to make her a friendship bracelet in the meantime to remember me. This summer break was going to be really fun in Toronto only if Saline was here. A few questions constantly kept running through my mind, was fate really going to separate the 2 friends or was a miracle going to happen which would make Saline not move away? I already knew the answer but it wasn’t any harm to see a ray of hope. Chapter 5 Finally the day arrive when it was time for 2 best friends to meet for the last time. Saline arrived at Angelica’s house and they both gazed into each other’s eyes. Both of hem could feel the pain the other was feeling.

They both hugged each other tightly. They did all the things the 2 friends did whenever they had time. Gossip, eat favorite foods, watch favorite show and gossip again. But, there was something different today. Both of them had a fear in them today of separating and want of staying with each other. They wanted to enjoy themselves to their full extent. The day passed faster than usual. For some reason whenever I start having fun, time rushes through me, Angelina thought. Before they realized, Saline’s mom and dad were here to pick her up. A cold breeze ran through me as they opened the door.

Chapter 6 Fate had revealed itself. Saline and I could never be together. Tears ran through my eyes. It felt as if a ray of hope tarnished. Saline’s eyes had also filled with tears. Suddenly I remembered something. “THE GIFT! ” I shouted running up the stairs and getting the friendship bracelet. I had the gift… I put it on Saline’s hand. She looked at me with innocent eyes and we hugged each other. This was probably the worst part of the day. Saline slowly walked into the car, and to Angelica’s surprise came right This is for you”, said Saline with a bright smile and left getting back into the car.

The car left with Saline’s hand sticking out saying goodbye. I watch the car till the car was out of my view. I ran back into the house bawling. After a few minutes I remembered about the gift Saline gave me. I quickly opened the box and was shocked to see what was inside. It was a wacky-tacky that Saline and I had tried to fix for 3 years. Saline had fixed it by herself and given Angelina the other pair. Angelina finally understood fate didn’t want to separate the friends no matter how far away they were, they were still close.