Short story – jealous Tina and Susan were best friend from primary school until now. Tina is a girl with pretty face, smart brain and she had a good interpersonal relationship. Susan is a girl that hard-working but dull. Tina was her only friend and the best friend. It seems that everything of Susan Is better. Comparing cannot be avoided. What a good weather! ‘ Tina said. ‘Then , what can we do? I suggest… ‘ Susan answered. ‘Walt, walkout forget our biology SABA and Math test, don’t you? ‘ ‘Oh! My wonderful planning. ‘Susan and Tina spent an afternoon time in the study room.

Susan, have you review your math test? It seems that will be very difficult. ‘ ‘I have Just done the exercises behind the book once,” You are talent. I spent a lot of time on it, but I still don’t understand. I new you. I need to back home to finish my vexatious homework and continue my revision. ‘ ‘ Then see you tomorrow , Tina. ‘ Susan studied whole night, but she soul could not get a good result. Instead, Tina only spent few hours in the study room and she got the highest marks in the class. Tina was over the Joy and Susan was sad and envious of her high score.

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Tina, why you only study few hours and get a good result? Can you teach me? ‘ ; Maybe I am a talent l’ There was a boy called Stephen, he was in Tina and Susan class. He is tall and handsome, he had a good academic result ,halls special feature was the boy crush on Tina for a long long time. One night, Stephen confessed Tina that he loved her, Tina was so frightened, she didn’t know what to do. So she found Susan. ‘Susan, help me! ‘ ‘ what’s going on ‘Stephen said he loved me , what can I do? ‘ ‘ What? He said he loved you? On My God! Why always you ?

Everything oh are better than me! Why, I love him, I loved him for 5 years! ‘ Susan shouted angrily. ‘ Sorry, Susan I cannot control it! ‘ ‘ Even though you are my best friend and the only friend. After this event, when Tina contacted Susan, she did not give her any response. Until Stephen found Susan , ‘ Susan, what’s happening on you . And Tina? She was very sad from previous months until now. ‘ ‘ Nothing. ‘ ‘Please, don’t cheat me, I know that you loved me, is Tina told me. She felt sorry for you. Please, forgive her. ‘ ‘ In fact, I forgive her, because she was my only friend.

She beard my bad temper she taught me patiently. ‘ ‘ That’s great, I wish you can be friends again with Tina. ‘ ‘ Sure l’ Suddenly, the phone rang. ‘ Susan, Tina was commit suicide herself l’ ‘ What? ‘ Susan was so astonished. She did not believe it, she thought Just a Joke. ‘ I am not kidding, Tina was in hospital and rescued my the doctor. Please come to BBC hospital quickly. ‘ When Susan went to hospital , Tina was died. Susan angry herself, why she did not forgive.