The sound of breaking glass stopped her. Alice took a step back. Turned around and felt the chill of the winter wind on her neck. Standing behind her was a stranger to her heart with the broken wine bottle at his feet. As the sun was rising over the barn, nature stood still. You could hear nothing but the tires traveling down the gravel road. This was good-bye. This was the end. Alice Is the type of girl that will light up the room simply with her presence. She Is smart, kind, pretty, funny, and hard working.

Her intelligence reflects through her tidies never seems to get any grade lower than a B, some may say she is a perfectionist but she would respond that she is not a perfectionist Just diligent. Her kind heart is reflected towards her interaction with other people, the way she smiles and laugh always including others. She’s the type of girl who sends simple reminders of how she cares for you. Her beauty is always consistent. She is normally well put together but on those lazy mornings when she will try to convince you she didn’t get ready, her hair will still fall perfectly, and her eyes will still shine.

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Alice is the type of girl who Is perfect, without trying. She believed she can take on any challenge she was ever faced but Alice met her match with the boy In room B-2. The boy In classroom 3-2 was Kayoed Williams. HIS family Is known for three things; their generosity throughout the community, their award winning smiles, and of course, their outstanding skills in baseball. One thing many people did not know about Kayoed was his pride meant everything to him. He would chose to impress his friends and have them be on his side than make any decision for himself.

The three rinds that made his life choices for him were, Derek, Craig, and Colon, the three most popular kids in the school. Kayoed would never know the damage they would soon cause. On the first day of senior year, Alice and Kayoed had homeroom together. Though they have known each other for quite sometime, they rekindled their friendship every day for an hour once the clock struck eight. After a semester of school, lust was streaming through their veins. He would meet her every day after school, leave notes In her locker, and send her Invitations to all of his baseball games.

Things were boning fast, but they were okay with it. Kayoed knew the next step was to bring Alice home to the family. The day was unforgettable. Alice sits on her porch with the summer sun kissing her shoulders and a knot in her stomach as the nerves of the day finally caught up with her. She patiently waits to hear that Chevrolet truck cruising down her quaint street. As soon as she heard Sadness engine her knots instantly turn to butterflies. Kayoed hops out, kisses Alice on the check, opens her door and lifts her in. It was a long ride to Sadness house on the other side of town.

Alice easing her wondering mind flips through the stations and starts singing along to one of George Straits’ classics. As the song hit the second verse Alice came back the reality of her awful singing, she turned red and went reaching for the radio knob. As her hand reached the dial, Kayoed stopped her. Instead he starts singing along with her and continues to drive up state. But perfection. Pulling into the drive she sees the sun setting behind the pastors of land leading to a picture-perfect red barn surrounded by trees. Before Alice knew it, Sadness whole family was running outside to meet them.

Her mind wonders and becomes mush. Thoughts about disappointing his family went crashing through her. Those feelings soon melted away when Sadness mom welcomed her with open arms. They spend the whole night reminiscing Sadness childhood. There were photos on the table and everyone took turns telling stories. Alice was getting caught up in all the tales she almost did not notice the rosy cheeks Kayoed developed from story to story. Time changed a lot of things for Kayoed but one thing Alice noticed never hanged was his blue as the sky eyes she fell in love with.

Kayoed sees Alice wondering off in thought. He reaches out his hand and pulls her close. She tried to remember why she felt so nervous. This place began to feel like a new home. After the moments full of memories and laughter, Kayoed steals Alice away to show her his favorite spot, the barn. Kayoed made Alice close her eyes and use his voice as a direction. Being so unfamiliar with her surrounds she had nothing to help direct her than the gravel on her feet and the warmth of Sadness mint fresh breath. She opened her eyes to find a candle light dinner in the middle of the dusty barn floor.

All that was placed on the table was a single rose and a bottle of Sadness family finest wine. He pulled out her chair and gazed into her eyes. He opened his heart and made it clear that though it has only been a short month he has fallen for her. He hands her the bottle of wine, took a deep breath and said, “This bottle will be the symbol of my love for you. I will keep it forever and cherish it all that I have. ” He leaned over Lice’s perfect brown hair and kissed her cheek. Alice could not be happier; there in Sadness arms is where she never wanted to leave.

Sadly the time came where Alice needed to head home. As they were saying their good-byes Alice heard her sisters’ car head up the gravel driveway. After a kiss on the cheek and a long wide-eyed gaze, Alice was out the door. Passing her were the rest of Sadness crew. Soon after running to the car, Alice realized she left her Jacket in the barn. With a fast turn, and signaling her sister to wait Just one moment, Alice was running straight back for the barn. As she was about to open the door, she heard he words that would break her heart. She doesn’t mean anything to me. This is Just a fake to make my parents happy. We will never be more than anything we are now. ” These words came pouring out of Sadness mouth without a hint of remorse. Alice, with tears streaming down her face, looses her balance and falls against the door. All three boys look over to see Alice motionless looking over at Kayoed. She slowly walks towards the table to get her jacket as the three boys awkwardly sneak out. Before Alice walks away, Kayoed gestures for her to take their wine bottle.

Kayoed picks it up and hands it to Alice. She ignores him and the bottle falls to his feet. Kayoed whispers, “Now it’s broken. ” “Just like my heart,” Alice responds as she turns around and makes her way to her sisters’ car. Kayoed runs after her, but all that is left is the dust of the rocks and two faded headlights heading down the drive. Alice soon learned that love isn’t always about perfect guy, with the perfect house, and the perfect family. She learned that you couldn’t choose love; love chooses you. Milestone and a lesson needed to be learned.