I live with rose colored glasses on, editing it all to make sure that they are my soul mate. Well not really Just someone I can share my love with. Most of my friends know what they get themselves in to but with me it is the same story but a different girl. I bleed my heart out sharing the one thing I hold dear in this world. Its not holding you. Its not telling you I love you. Its not showing you how much you mean to me by imagining how beautiful that continental smile you have is and how one day ill be able to taste those lips and and hold your hands and fly away to that one place where o one can reach me.

Just you and you only,……. My heart. I taught I would sail away in this relation Ship with you but I guess there were too many people, so we sank. I never even imagined it could come to this. I loved you with all of me and expected the same back but you wanted to get it all and see if two is really better than one. You didn’t have the decency to tell me so instead you hint it with that book that has a picture of your face. You told me he was a friend yet you held him like a lover. You told me it doesn’t mean anything yet you were cooking for him. U told you would never lie yet you did it right inferno of my face. You hurt me but you didn’t Just hurt me you slaughtered me. Leaving me like the fool I was to love you. Patronizing me telling me you love me and he Is Just a friend but what you don’t realize is you might lie for friends but lining to your boyfriend is what got us In to this situation. Your cold hearted and still don’t realize It. The high had for you Is gone Instead IM at the lowest point In my life, looking at this David bottle like It will set me free.

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