When I first glimpsed you amidst the crowd, I thought that my eyes had deceived me. Before I laid my eyes upon your charming face, I had never imagined that such beauty could exist in a woman. As I continued to stare at you from across the street, you caught my eye and feelings inside me that I never knew existed bubbled to the surface. A love that was deep, red, and pure engulfed me. Since that encounter, I have dreamt of a day that we would get married, have children, and live a long and happy life.

Those happy thoughts flooded my mind, and I was swallowed by the love I had for you. My love for you expanded as the days went by. Every morning, I would return to the spot that I had first seen you, and hope that you would return. At last, a few days later, my patience paid off. I saw you again, but I was too shy to approach you. Seeing you again sparked the fire that was already burning weakly In my heart, and It Ignited Into a forest fire that blazed through my body. I was determined to become your lover the next time we met.

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Eventually, I gathered enough courage to approach you and talk to you. Before I could say a word, however, you told me that you were dedicated to a life of chaste, and then walked away, leaving me speechless. The arrow that Cupid had fired at you ricocheted and sunk into my willing flesh. It was a one way relationship, with me loving you and you pushing me away. My life became a slideshows in my head as the days silently slipped by, my mind filled only with thoughts of you. Every morning I would walk alone amongst the grove of sycamore trees, living as if I were dead.

Penned in my room throughout the day, I created an artificial night, where I spent countless hours staring into empty space. Why do you not love me like I love you? There is but one clear image in my mind, and that is the image of your face. The beautiful, flawless face that I have loved since the moment I laid my eyes upon you. Everyone else is but a foggy blur, trying to pull me away from my one true love. Rosalie, my dear, you have stolen my heart and it refuses to return to me. Your beauty challenges the beauty of Aphrodite, and your humbleness exceeds that of any Oman I have ever met.

All beauty reminds me of you, from the flowers on my porch to the swaying willow leaves by the river. Your eyes shine like the stars, sparking amidst the darkness engulfing me. I love you more than words can express. I would travel across continents and swim across oceans to be with you. I love you more than I have loved anything else, but alas you do not love me Like I love you. However I am not giving up. Rosalie, my love for you only grows, It does not shrink.