In the world that we live In today, long distance relationships have become more numerous than any time In the history of our people. Not only that but with society how it Is, people are very often separated great distances from each other for work or military reasons. Design Incubation’s Centre has Invented a legendary product that will forever change how couples react through the distance that separates them. The Roll Poly Is designed to let two Individuals to sense the presence of each other no matter how far apart they may be from each other.

The egg like shape acts in a technological manner than the average person would never even think possible. Each couple gets their own egg and place it somewhere near themselves. If one person touches their egg than the other reflects the movement, no matter if they are down the street or if they are on the other side of the world. This type of technology is so different from everything else that has ever been made. Unlike the internet with all the messaging and video sharing applications, this Roll Poly offers a unique Instant movement, letting the couple feel as if they are right ext to each other.

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Although this product Is only about half way complete It still has made some huge ground In the idea Itself. For more Information you can find an article and even a video about this product In the source at the bottom of this paper. In the video you can see exactly what has been done and the boundaries of long distance relationships that have been broken. This device is extremely amazing and something that I hope to see in the near future.