Literature Caleb Eights Everything you do in life is a journey. Whether you decide to take a journey of good or not is completely up to each person. The most successful people take a road that is full of challenges and those that Just want to get by in life choose the easy road and it will probably lead to nowhere. The easiest thing to do is sometimes take the easy way out of every situation you have In life. It Is so easy to take the road In life that most people take. They always say be different when It comes to life.

Don’t allow the crowd they may Just be leading you blindly down the road to nowhere. It is a very hard decision sometimes to know what is the right road to take in life. The main thing is no matter what road we take, be happy with the decision, and don’t ever say I wish I would have taken the other road. It is always important to know there will be many roads along the Journey of life. So it is so Important to choose the right one each time, but If you don’t choose the right road one time It Is never too late to choose the right one the next time you are faced with a decision on which way is the right way to go.

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I personally would think choosing the road less traveled is probably the best way to go in most situations. I also realize there may be a reason no one is going on that road, there could be dangers ahead. In conclusion, which road is the right road? That Is the question we each have to ask ourselves when we face that tough decision In life. Do I follow the crowd and believe they know where they are going or do I dare be different and go down a different path? No matter what path is chosen, remember life is a journey filled with obstacles and triumphs, and you will pay the consequences and receive the reward.