Lesson to others A lesson that will teach others is when you have to be your best. Being your best has to be when you have good grades, a good student, listen in class, and doesn’t get into trouble. I would say this because you wouldn’t know what your doing wrong. For example no one is perfect in this world because all of us were born to be us. Believe in yourself because it shows who you are. Being your best shows that you behave all the time. For example doesn’t give problems to other people. I wouldn’t give problems because I wouldn’t want to get into trouble.

Also if you disrespect the school, you wouldn’t even get a chance to be in AVID. Avid is very important to me because I would want to participate and get chosen to be in it. Also being in student government and avid was by doing your best and showing how you are your best. Is like your showing your personality,like your feelings. For example if I was in student government, I will behave myself because I wouldn’t want to get kicked out. Is like that is your chance you have been waiting for right? So do you think you could be your best? You Just have to be yourself. Being yourself shows who you really are.

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For example the true you in the inside. A lot say that the outside is important, well It Is the Inside that Is Important! Believe so because inside of you shows who you really are. It shows your true you and your feelings. I think this because being yourself really shows who you are. Like If you were being you. If people tell you something bad, Just Ignore or Just believe and be yourself. You don’t have to follow what that person Is doing,