At certain times in life we all have been tempted by deferent things. Even though they might be risky, we still choose to explore a bit more about them. We all find It curious to see what It can be like. Some might be fun and yet others not so fun. It all depends on which salutation you’re facing. Once I was faced by situation In which I felt tempted badly by It. Two years ago by this same time I was dating the most amazing guy I’ve met in my life, well that I thought. He treated me like a princess and gave me al the love and appreciation a girl could receive from his boyfriend.

I thought that I “loved” him but it only it was a strong attraction towards him. That, I discovered after my adventure with my temptation’. At the begging I felt guilty but I Just got used to it. At times I felt alive and changed. My temptation’ turned out to be my next door neighbor. Of all people I wouldn’t have imagine that he could have been my weakness. But it wasn’t my fault that I decide to play around with him. My so called boyfriend had the fault of my doing and that’s why I don’t feel any regret of doing so. He started to change his attitude with me.

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I thought that maybe the problem between us was me, but It wasn’t. We even talked about what was going on and he said that everything was okay, nothing to worry about. A few days after our talk I found out that he was cheating on me. So obviously I was devastated, one year of relationship gone to waste. He decided to fool around with a harlot. After knowing what he did to me I choose to stay with him. I confronted him and told him that I knew what was going on. He begged for forgiveness and I was so dumb that I forgave him. A few weeks later he still was cheating on me with that floozy.

Oh, boy was I mad! I told myself “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. ” After knowing it I didn’t confronted him and pretended that everything was okay. One day I was talking with my neighbor and he’s also my friend, and told him what was going on. He seemed to understand, since he was very comprehensive with the situation I was facing. After that day we started talking almost every day. Each day we seemed to connect a little bit more. But that connection was getting a bit too strong. He even had a girlfriend but he seemed to be Interested In me. We both felt attracted to one ND other.

But I knew it wasn’t right since I still “loved” my boyfriend and my neighbor had a girlfriend. Keeping that in mind I decided to be careful with every move that was made. But it wasn’t enough keeping that in mind. I wanted him badly! My desires for him were stronger than anything I could imagine. One night we were talking, laughing and having a good time. We got carried away with our conversation that when I looked at the phone it was already two in the morning. I told him I had to go. Soon after I told him that I had to go, we said our goodbyes but this time it wasn’t like very time a kiss on a cheek and a goodnight.

He grabbed me, pulled me close to him and kissed me… Very passionately. I was surprise but at the same time excited, I enjoyed every second of It. In response to the kiss I kissed him back. I felt the rush, the need to do so. Eve wanted to do It since a very long time. After a few weeks maybe two months we continued to see each other every day. Until one day I Just got rued of lying to my boyfriend and told him I was seeing another person and that I thought also I knew we was still cheating. And he started to cry like a baby and he felt crushed” I told him that he forced me to do it.

He was a dirty liar and he tried to fool me with the “l love you” bullwhip. After all I told him that I did understand why he chose to be with the harlot. He felt tempted by her and for that same reason I did felt the same by neighbor. We all find certain things and persons attractive but I can be risky to get them or to be with them. We feel tempted or attracted because we find them more amusing, exhilarating, etc. And not only has it happened in relationships it can happen with any given situation. So, I guess you’re wondering what happened tit my neighbor?

He got dumped by his girlfriend. We still talk. Sometimes we go back to those moments of last year and we relived them. I ended breaking up with my boyfriend because I realized that he wasn’t the “one” and that he was lying bastard. I don’t feel any regret with every decision I made in this situation. Honestly I haven’t made a better choice in my life. I have to thank my ex-boyfriend for forcing me on taking this choice. So in the end some temptations can be good and others not so much. In my case it has been a really good one! I’m enjoying every second of it.