To Emergency Situations I am in the garden with one teacher and two other teaching assistants on 20/09/2012. The garden activity centre is out, and there are various activities set at different areas. I am walking around the garden observing the children whilst they are playing. Suddenly, child A falls off the activity centre and lands on her bottom. I walk over to her and ask her “are you k? ” She looks at me with tears in her eyes and nods.

I bend down to her and ask her “are you sure? She looks at me and shakes her head. I then take her hand, help her up, and lead her over to the teacher. I explain to the teacher “child A fell off the activity centre and landed on her bottom. I asked child A if she was k and she shook her head. ” The teacher then said to child A “are you hurt? ” Child A looked at the teacher and nodded. The teacher then asked me “can you take her to the office please to see the first eider? ” I answered “k. ” I looked at child A and said “come on, it’s k. I took child A to the office and the first eider, and told the first eider “child A fell off the activity centre and landed on her bottom. ” The first alder handed me an accident form to fill out whilst she looked at child A. The reason why I asked child A If she was k, was to reassure her and comfort her so she know she was safe and not In trouble. The reason why I took child A to the office is because that Is my settings procedures for accidents. I filled In an accident form because that Is also my settings procedures. Next time, I will let the other staff know, so that they can observe the other children and keep them safe.

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