Reflection on Grief nonattendance Grieving over Pet Loss is universal. It has no gender, age, and race, political or financial standings. We may all experience grief very differently and most assuredly we all cope with it a little differently. Because everyone is deferent on their own way, some takes a longer time and others don’t. Some have difficulty In accepting and some find It easy. The grief truly does vary with each loss and depth of the relationship shared.

I have learned that to fight the weight of sadness, guilt and leaning of loss Is fruitless and will only become worse If suppressed. But If one tries to surround him/herself with others who have had the same experience and had been able to surpass them, then he/she may find the courage he/she needs to accept and move on. But accepting a death/loss of a friend, may It be a human or pet Is truly hard. And sometimes it undergoes a process before one can finally accept. First one must undergo denial, for one cannot accept the truth and reality. Goosing to believe what she know is true so she can avoid the pain behind the truth. Then anger because others do not believe and keep on convincing him/her that his/her friend is gone. Afar that the Bargaining, she/he will bargain if she/he should believe and let go. Then the depression, the depression is the one of the most hardest part to over come, because depression is the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, misery and despair it can depend on how deep the depression goes.

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Some runs so deep that a person can even attempt suicide. Finally acceptance, it is the most hardest one to achieve, it is proven by the fact that you have to go through all the other steps mentioned before achieving it. It is accepting the truth along with the pain. It is letting go and moving on. It is learning to live with the loss. It is accepting and learning to harness the pain of loss into strength and will to never give up or lose hope and sight to a brighter future.