Reaction paper My expectations for this class are not the highest, although I do expect people to take it seriously, so we can get to learn something, because it is in fact my favorite class. I’m convinced that this class will be much more difficult than what I’m used to, so I have to hold on, really be active and follow In class, so I don’t fall behind, which I think will be easy. I look forward to learn a lot of new things about the English language and of cause expand my vocabulary more. The stuff we have to learn, I expect to be hard, so it’s required that I do my best and stay focused.

When It comes to my class mates, I expect them to respect each other, and not laugh or make fun of anybody. There will always be some who are better than others, so I believe that It’s Important to make room for everybody to learn. That Includes the teacher to. Some pupils will be very Interested In learning new things, and some might be a little shy or scared of speaking in class, and I know how that Is, so I think the teacher should be ware of those who don’t speak as much, and take extra care of them and the ones who are less good.

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I never really had problems with this language, but I’m still not the best. Not that I want to be the best. I just want to be more confident when I talk to other people, because I’ve always been afraid to say something wrong. I have to make sure, that I’m speaking correctly, so as I said, I really expect myself to step up, and really get something out of this class.

I always had I problem with spelling in English though, and my grammar is not that good either, so that is two things I’d like to focus on. My punctuation is definitely bad, so now there are three things. But I still do believe that I have an k foundation for learning this properly. My impression so far is good. We speak mostly English in class, but I get the feeling, that we’re not as excited as we could be. I look forward to really get started, so all of us can improve.