Oregon is trying to lead an army to take down the king of Aliases, Calibrator. While the army is traveling to where the king is, his old village had to also Join them because the kings men had taken over that part Legally. One of the women from the village was pregnant during this war and gave birth during one of the battles. When the father saw his daughter, he was horrified. The girl had been born with a cat lip.

The father though that since she had this, she would be hunted, ridiculed, and unable to make a suitable match for marriage and also thought it would have been better for all if the girl had been a still born. The father begged Oregon to heal her with his magic. After Oregon was done healing her, an elf named Array told him “You should be proud of what you have accomplished. The Child is sound and well formed. Not even our most skilled enchanters could improve on your grammars. It is a great thing, what you have given this girl-?a face and a future-?and she will not forget it, I am sure….

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None of us will. ” (80) Array is telling Oregon to be proud of what he has done and not be modest of his accomplishments. He has done so many things for so many people and he feels that he Just does what anyone else would do If they had the ability. She Is also trying to motivate him and keep him motivated during the war. She even complimented on how even the most skilled enchanters that she knows would benefit from learning magic from him. This is like a situation in high school where some of my classmates and I had to do a class project.

When we started doing the project, I was the only one that really knew what they were doing. Once I realized this, I started helping the rest of my group so they could better understand how to complete the project. A couple days before turning it in, my classmates had told the teacher that I was the one that showed them what to do. She started complimenting me and my classmates started praising me. I felt like I just did what anyone else would do. To them it was a lot of help and they would have gotten bad grades without my help.