A great leader is someone who loves to lead other people and do their best at it. He or she should be an inspiration to their peers while also being able to exceed the expectations of their elders. They must have all the necessary attributes and character traits so he or she can succeed. Among the most necessary leadership character traits are passion and dedication. No matter what goal is trying to be reached a great leader must always be passionate about the goal at hand and understand the importance of the task. A leader is always prepared to stand by for hat he or she believes in no matter what stressful situations stand in their way.

A great leader must be open to the opinions of the people being led. In times of urgency they must be able to think outside of the box and see things that others may not. They also must be calm during events of misfortune for the well being of his or her followers. During these times, he or she should be able to talk with their supporters and boost moral. Honesty and responsibility are also among the most meaningful traits of leadership. Through taking responsibility for their actions a leader will gain respect. A leader can only improve by accepting flaws and being true with themselves.

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A leader must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and is always open to constructive criticism so he or she can Improve. More Importantly a leader must not only be honest to himself, but to the followers as well. In conclusion passion, dedication, creativity, openness, honesty, responsibility and humbleness are all parts of what makes a good leader a great leader to his peers, and followers. A leader cannot rely on Innate traits such good looks and height. Becoming a true leader requires knowledge and experience.