How effective have the composers of the texts you have studied in the ASS and how have they challenged your thinking and broadened your understanding of your own world? There are many types of journey, physical, emotional and psychological. These journeys require us to overcome challenges and obstacles we may face, potentially influencing the way we view ourselves and the world around us. The play Blackjack written by Nick Inherit relates to Journey on many different levels. It is the story of a immunity going into chaos due to a murder amongst the teenagers that have been brought up in the suburb.

The Journey that is central to the play is of the character Jarred. By exploring the character, Inherit is showing the development within a teenager’s state of mind, e. G. At the beginning of the play you can see through the dialogue that Is used that Scrod’s ‘mates’ are the most Important and come before anyone else, this theory can be supported by a quote from Cheerier, “The whole worlds to to move for Rick This Is a direct contrast to Jarred at the end of the play as he has separated himself from the rest of the boys and done what he believes Is right.

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Symbolism is another technique used by Inherit to explain the chaos going on within Scrod’s conscious and within the Blackjack community. Inherit has used the beach as symbolism as it is always changing with tides, weather and waves which reflect what is happening within the play. The rape and murder of Tracy is an example of the start of the chaos within the local community and in Scrod’s head. Similarly in the film Alice In Wonderland the character of Alice is going through a life changing transition Just as Scrod’s character Is in Blackjack.

The film is about the character Alice Kinsley and her inner Journey to find her true self, on this Journey she will have to overcome many obstacles In the bizarre world known as ‘Underlain’ where she will ultimately discover her true self. The Journey Is shown through Alice and her experiences, which allow her to reveal to a new Alice that she never thought she would be able to mature to. We can see by the end of the film just how much of an inner Journey has occurred from Alice and her experiences, as her maturity, courage and reassurance of herself and who she truly is has changed, therefore leaving Alice as a secure and confident women.

There are various techniques in the film that show that Alice feels as though she does not belong in the conscious world she lives in and to reinforce her Journey, such as, colors that are used at the beginning of the film are mostly dull in comparison to the end of the film where they re much more vibrant suggesting that her life has become much more enjoyable, also by the end of the film her language Is much more strong and emotive which suggests she feels an Inner strength that Is allowing her to say as she feels, whereas at the start of the film she uses quite dry and emotionless language.

In a different way the poem ‘On Turning Ten’ shows a physical journey. A journey in which you there is more responsibilities to be taken. The author uses techniques such as homeboys to relate the poem back to a Journey on which turning to a ‘doubt digit’ number is of an age where you must let go of your childhood and imagination e. G.

Using language such as ‘Blue bike, the tree house, wanting to be a wizard or pirate’ as these were things most children has in their childhood or aspired to be. Through studying these three texts and the topic of Journey I have learned that there are many different types of Journeys in which you can encounter, most of which will make you the person you are today or will be in the future.