Music plays a major roll in my life. It keeps me focus and helps me do whatever I do with a passion. Whether I would be playing sports, doing homework, or even skateboarding, I use music to help me hone my skills during those times. One specific example of music in my life would be writing this specific paper. L;m listening to my music play at this very moment while I write this. This allows me to cloud out all other distractions and focus on how and what to write. In conclusion, I believe music plays major roles in not Just mine but everyone’s life.

Whether you make a conscious decision about incorporating music in your daily activities, music at least has an effect that you may not even be aware of. So take a moment and really think. Does tapping your fingers on a desk or your feet on the ground or any other fidget Just come from nowhere? Or could it be a certain rhythm to a song in the back of your mind? Whatever the case may be, I believe that music helps everyone focus and work with a passion whether it be through real songs or figments of musical imagination hat come out when you tap your foot, conscious or subconscious music is there to fulfill it’s roll.

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Throughout the course of this essay Vive listened to four songs. The first was Survivor Guilt by Rise Against, second was Pieces by Sum , third Dam’s Song by Blink 18, and fourth was Make it Stop (Septembers Children) by Rise Against. These songs helped me write each paragraph by keeping me focused and clouding everything distracting. And now Dancing for Rain by Rise Against Just started. So make that five.