The Poem Ballad of Birmingham brought out a meaning to me of how a mother can try to protect her children so much but yet no matter how much the protection can be, a child will always find a way to leave. By letting go of her daughter she learns that she will not always have her and that there will always come a time In a young girl’s life where you have to let them go. In the case of the poem the mother by letting go of her daughter brought her great pain, because the daughter was forever lost.

On the surface level the poem it is plainly about how a daughter goes out as she wanted, even though the mother was very afraid and scared. Minutes after the daughter goes out the mother hears a bombing or gun shots, she runs out to find her daughter but only finds one of the daughter’s shoes and the rest is gone. The poem is showing that the mother was right in protecting her child and trying to keep her inside to prevent her from getting hurt. In a deeper level the poem is about how every child comes to a point where they are grown up and they have to go out into he real world and learn from their own mistakes.

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It is also showing the fear and the pain that the mother might be going through because she wants nothing bad to happen to their children but they too learn to let go and let them fly. This poem was one of my favorites because I believe that no matter how much you love your family, there always comes a time to go away from them and Just experience the real world. A parent won’t always be there to hold your hand and even though you might get hurt and you might hit a lot of bumps in life you have to try and let go.