This Is a poem for best friends. You C Margery Wang still remember the first day we met We were too shy to say much at all It’s funny to think back to that time Because now we’re having a ball! They say that true friendship Is rare An adage that I believe to be true Genuine friendship is something that I cherish am so lucky to have met you. Our bond Is extremely special It is unique in its own way We have something irreplaceable love you more and more each day.

We’ve been through so much together In so little time we’ve shared will never forget all the moments that you’ve shown me how much you cared. Friends are forever Especially the bond that you and I possess love your fun-filled personality Somehow you never fall to Impress. The world could use more people like you it would certainly be a better place love everything about you You are someone I could never replace. You are always there for me When my spirits need a little lift cannot thank you enough for that

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You are truly an extraordinary gift. You are everything to me and more could never express that enough Life is such a treacherous journey, and 1 OFF Our story will continue to grow With each passing day Because I trust that with you by my side Everything will always be Okay. You are so dear to me You know I will love you until the end I will always be there for you, and You will always (and forever) be my best friend.