What really bugs you? Things happen everyday that annoy us, but what really gets under your skin? … The way people suddenly stop without warning when walking in front of you? … The way your aunt leaves her windshield wipers on even after the rain has stopped? … The way your mother wakes you up with that silly little song In the morning? Whatever It Is, we want to hear about It. Describe your biggest pet peeve In a two-minute (or more) speech. Cautions: Keep It school appropriate.

Do not pick a topic that Is offensive to any person or group of people. Be able to support your topic. You need to have three reasons your topic bugs you. Turn In your outline with your speech. Practice-?funny takes effort. How to plan you speech: You can set up this speech in a few different ways. You can pick one thing that bugs you and give three reasons; you can pick one things that bugs you and describe three says/times it happens; you can pick three similar things that bug you and describe each; be creative!

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What to do: Do: Practice this speech. This is NOT an impromptu speech. Do: Choose a topic that really does bug you! This speech will be much less convincing if you don’t even believe it. Do: Use emotion in your voice. What NOT to do: Do Not: Worry about looking silly-?that’s the point! Do Not: Claim that nothing bugs you-?everyone has a pet peeve. Do Not: use people’s names in your speech.