Most people have a certain room in their house or specific place near them that is special to them and defines who they are. Somewhere they can hangout with friends, do homework or Just a quiet place to relax. My “special place” was my bedroom. As I prepared for my first semester in college, all my preparations were centered on my room. How would it look like? What would I have in there? What would be the color scheme of the room?

These were all questions that came to me as I purchased my teems. “We must all worry about packaging ourselves and everything we do. ” Being an international student from Ghana and the United Kingdom, this was very important to me. As Joan Kronor wrote “Our possessions give us a sense of security and stability. They make us feel in control. And the more we control an object the more it is part of us. If it’s not mine, it’s not me. I wanted to be able to express myself through my room, blending the different cultures I grew up with in order to tell all hose who had the privilege of being in my “special place” who I was. Above is the introduction to my essay (thesis statement). In this essay I want to use my room in college as the basis to explore how our languages communicate to people about the kind of people we are and how the appearances of such personal spaces most often than not define who we are.

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I plan to use Joan Kronor essay “the semiotics of home dcord” as a basis to this essay trying o incorporate my interpretation of her article and meaning I draw from It In to my work. I want to highlight the relationship people In different working classes have with their possessions ad how they use their possessions to convey a message. I would also be making a few references to David Goose’s essay and how he believes the marketing of subs are based on the concept of our beliefs and our will to portray a certain characteristic such as power to onlookers In the society.