Personality Determinants On this reflection paper, I want to argue personality determinants which were our second discussion In our second lesson. First of all, I believe that to be successful on one thing, heredity Is not crucial point to discuss on that matter. There are some advantages that your family Is successful In life, because the legacy Is truly permanent. However, it is not the main point to be success the goals in life.

About rationalities, the genes are effective but the environment is more effective. For instance, may father was born in Anatolia and had a hard youth life, his environment was not good as mine. Thanks to my dad, I never witness such bad environment as my dad did. We are completely different but our genes are similar. He created his personality in that hard environment but I was born in happy and comfortable environment in every way. I took that example to evaluate personality determinants.

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My point of view is on that topic is very simple. The environment affects human being the most. It creates and develops everything about personality. The genes are structure and the environment Is Improvement. The Improvements are a process and In time, It shapes your character and behaviors. There are surveys to prove which side was dominant. The personalities can be rated but I don’t believe it will not be proved the beginning of creation personalities. That’s why my belief is environment n this matter.

The personality that people have, is improvable in time that’s why I call it a process. People affect from the around, it takes bad things and good things. People are adoptable. They take external factors and embrace it. Shortly, on the second class about personality determinants subject, my ideas was dominant in nurture on that matter. The surveys might be right, however my belief is personality is a mixture of legacy and nurture but nurture makes personality shape.