Music means something different to each person. To me, music is a form of expressing myself. It allows me to express feelings and emotions that you can’t describe in words. Music allows me to express emotions that don’t yet have a name, emotions that you can’t find in a dictionary, but you can definitely feel. Music allows me to tell a story without saying a single word. Music allows me to be who I really am. Music has had a huge impact on my life. Even In my early years, my Dad would sit with my brother and me at the piano and play songs for us.

He’d even sing along Like a dog to make it more interesting. I wanted to follow In his footsteps, and started playing piano. I taught myself everything I knew for the first 2 years I played It. It’s almost like piano had been waiting for me, Like everything was already In there Just waltzing to be discovered. I had already been playing violin for about five or SIX years at that point, and this discovery of the plants In me only strengthened my relationship with music. Music to me became Like a best friend to anyone else.

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I could sit at the piano after a bad day and play, and It would make me feel better. I could confide in my music, and I would be okay. I’m almost always listening to music. Whenever I was given permission in class to listen to my music, I would pop my headphones in and tune out the world. I had (and still do have) this understanding of music. I can feel what it’s trying to say to me, I can get the message even with no words. Music has always been that one solid rock I can lean on, that one subject that I never got tired of.

There’s always another lesson about music to be learned. There are infinite lessons about music to be learned. Music defines me in a very personal way. It exposes my emotions, and gives me an opportunity to share those emotions with other people, whether they are fellow musicians or an audience. Music is an emotional release. It is an outlet that never gets tired of hearing me vent. Music lifts that heavy load off my shoulders at the end of a long day. Music defines me as more than just a musician or an artist, but as a simple human being, too.