Infatuation differentiating from real love, is there a difference? This is a striking question for someone Involved in both love and lust because often times when an individual Is sustaining two romantic/sexual relationships they may find it rather difficult to outlandish the difference between true love and sexual arousal, this can lead to things such as torn relationships, broken hearts and confusion. In the movie The Phantom of the Opera two men, the Phantom and Rural, sings two love songs,

Music of the Night and All I Ask of You, too girl named Christine whom they both love. In both love songs the lyrics, the location, and movements of the people during the songs all illustrate; the messages each man is trying to communicate, her relationship towards each man, what Christine is attracted to in each of them and the contrast of light and dark imagery. In the song Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera lyrics play a large role in the determination of the songs true meaning.

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When the Phantom sings to Christine In lines 48 to 50 he says only then can you belong to me, in that line It shows the theme of the song very clearly which Is control and power over Christine, their relationship Isn’t equal he controls her with her sexual arousal near him and her belief that he was sent to her by her dead father. Also In lines 51 to 54 he sings “floating, falling, sweet Intoxication!

Touch me, trust me savior each sensational” The Phantom talks about intoxication, floating and sensation all these words relate to fantasizing and almost drunk off of each other’s love. The Phantoms actual words show that their relationship is full of passion and lust and that he controls Christine and intoxicates Christine to be more comfortable around the Phantom. The Phantom brings Christine down to the bowels of the opera house to sing to her, this location is very dark and very secluded.

In his “lair” he also has candles everywhere and he controls when they rise out of the water and when the candles light themselves and when they go out, this further demonstrates the Phantoms power and control over Christine and the opera house. Even the light where they are is very dark and eerie, the Phantom doesn’t know any kindness or warmth from light all he sees from light Is unfeeling garishness, all the comfort he knows Is from dark solitude. Another large indication of the Phantom and Christina’s relationship is their body movements during this song.

The Phantom takes on the role of the puppet master and Christine is his puppet. At one point he spins her around so her back is against his chest and torso, he moves his hands along her stomach and thigh, then he takes her left hand ND moves it up toward his face, and moving her hand in a caressing manner then he spins her around to face him. All of those body actions he controlled, she made none of those movement choices herself, even though she didn’t object to him using his power over her to control her.

Christine is attracted to the Phantoms sense of danger and sexual lust their relationship Is based on passion for love and the arts. Roll’s love song to Christine from The Phantom of the Opera Is called All I Ask of You, and many of the lyrics In this song show their freedom through their true love. Throughout the entire song Rural and Christine say things Like “love me”, “let me”, “share”, and “all I ask”, all of those things show that they are equal, respectful of one talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears. I’m here. Rural is in those first lines is trying to tell Christine that darkness is evil, and he wishes to guide her into the light. Christine is drawn to the comforting light in Rural because he is familiar and pure. Again all of Roll’s comfort, purity, and belie that light is good is shown in lines 10 and 11 “let daylight dry your tears”. Christine and Rural are on top of the opera house outside during All I Ask of You, in a very open space. This openness is an excellent symbol to show their relationship in that there are no secrets and that they truly are equal.

Although its nighttime on the rooftop, there is an angelic shinning on the two of them during their song, which illustrates the contrast between light and dark, the light is good and warm in Christine and Roll’s eyes, and the darkness is corrupt and evil. Christine and Roll’s body movements in this song are also very equal, comforting and free. Rural doesn’t force her body in any way to do anything, he takes her hand simply to hold her not to move her as he wants her.

Christine decides to take many body actions during their love song, such as hug Rural back, take his hand, and allow him to walk along the rooftop with her. Everything about their relationship is pure and free. Rural is the archetypical hero/good guy and that is what Christine is attracted to most of all, his goodness. Lust vs.. Love, is difficult to differentiate but it is possible, simply because when you re in that situation and presented with that question, in the end true love will always prosper.

Often before it prospers though those two relationships can become torn and leave individuals broken hearted, but the relationship that is strongest will continue on. The Phantom and Rural fought hard and long for Christine affections, but in those two love songs, Music if the Night and All I Ask of You, their lyrics, location and body language show her relationship towards each man, what he is trying to show her, why she is attracted to them, and the difference of light and darkness.