When Patrick Henry gave his speech he knew that not everyone would accept what he had to say. To me everyone should have the courage to stand up for what they believe in no matter how everyone else will view it. Patrick Henry gave this speech because he felt that they were not treated as equals and had the right to be treated equally. Everyone should be treated equally. In 1775 and in today’s society all the government cares about is power and money not the citizens of the United States, it’s ore like what the citizens of the United States can give them.

In his speech he gave all the reasons why the government is messed up and everything that they have done to their people. He did his research before standing up in front of the crowd and telling them what he found out and his opinion on the situation. When he stood up and talked he had no notes he spoke openly about what he believed In and why. I liked how passionate and fiery, he was with regards to the situation with Britain. Henry felt that Britain has done wrong, and British wanted to feel superior.

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That was my same viewpoint, it Just seemed like the British did whatever they wanted, and never cared about the colonists. Like Patrick Henry had said we are more likely to look away or shut our eyes against the truth and listen to the song of the siren till she transforms us Into beats! This is still going on today In 2014, we listen to the media and our friends and families Instead of us developing our own opinions and standing p for what we believe in.

Eventually everything that we listen to will turn us Into beasts, everything that we listen to whether It be the media or anyone else they could be filling our head with false Information. We don’t know the truth we only know the truth that they want us to know. Patrick Henry and his followers weren’t backing down they were standing up for their rights and for what they believed In. To me that Is very Inspiring and many more people should follow his example. Give me liberty or give me death!