What is going to happen now that the deed Is done? What Is the future for Irene? Did she push her or did she Just fall? Clare was supposed to be Urine’s best friend. How could she push her? Clare has been passing through and now was spending a lot of time with Irene and Brian. Irene has now started to think that Clare and Brian are together. This hurt Irene her husband with her best friend how could they do that to her. Now she Is spending all her time trying to find a way to save her life and family. Clare is having fun keeping her husband from knowing that she is half black.

Claret’s Cubans finds out and goes to the party that they are at, and Irene knows that if Clare gets freed from her husband. She will take Brain for sure. It all happened so fast Clare fell. Irene pushed her out the window. She TLD think she Just pushed. What is going to happen to Irene was she seen and will she get in trouble? Irene has been upset for a week before the party. Clare, Urine’s best friend, was spending a lot of time with Brian and she is still hiding the fact that she is half black from her over racist white husband. All he does It insult black people constantly.

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Clare was beautiful as Irene would say. Irene didn’t start to think there was anything wrong until a week ago. Irene was sure that Brain was mad at her. He had been is a bad mood all that last week. Then when Clare came over it was all good. This is what told Irene the truth she knew right then and there that Brian had been cheating on her with Clare. Irene was hurt but what could she do. How was she going to be able to keep Brian? What was going to be her next move? Irene was thinking a lot she was not sure what to do. She thought about telling Claret’s husband, but she didn’t know how to tell him.

That wouldn’t work if Clare was ere from John then what is holding her back from taking Brian away. No she couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t lose Brian she Just couldn’t. That night they were going to go too party Irene didn’t really want to go she and Brian had Just had a fight. She got ready to go. On the way up to the party Brian had Clare and Irene on his arms. It was bothering her the way they acted around each other. Clare was standing by the window when John started pounding on the door. All Irene could think was John found out. Irene couldn’t let her get freed. She just couldn’t let it happen.

She ran for Clare and grabbed her arm. Then it happen it was so fast Clare fell out the window. How did It happen? What will happen next? Did she push her? Did she fall? Irene was freaking out, knowing what she had done. Then she had a terrible thought. What if she is still alive? She would lose Brian for sure if she was alive. She was going to have to go down. “Should she put on her coat? Feels had rushed down without any wrap. So had all the others. So had Brian. Brian! He mustn’t take so she went down the stairs. When she got down there she went to Brian. She gave him his coat, but he rapped it around her.

People were asking what happened. Someone asked Irene what she saw, did Clare get pushed by her husband. “You’re sure she fell? Her husband didn’t give her a shove or anything Like ) Urine’s answer was short and sweet. Irene told them that Clare Just fell. She said no one pushed her. I bet that Irene was going crazy after that. Would they find out? All Irene wants unpredictable what’s next what going to happen to her family. It is mostly going to be like this. Now that Clare is died Irene and Brian will be happy again. For a while then Brian will get sad again and maybe he will want to leave Irene but won’t because of heir kids.

Jack will feel the loss for a while but then he will go back to his racist way he will leave and go home to his daughter and he will tell her that he hates her and that her mother was have black and a lot of other horrible things. He will try and kill her or he will send her away to a boarding school. He will never want to see her again. He will find a racist white women and marry her. Irene will be scared and looking over her shoulders her rest of her life. Always worrying if they found out. Irene will want to start over and forget. She will never get o thought she will have to ask Brian to let them move.

Irene will want to leave or at least move to a different house. She will never want to think about Clare again. That won’t be possible because every party ever event she goes to she will think of what she has done to her best friend. She pushed her best friend out of a window after all she been though thou it still does not seem right and the biggest reminder of all is Brain. Every time she looks at Brian she will remember that her cheated on her with her best friend. Irene will never get away from the fact. She killed Clare. She was the en that pushed her out that window! Irene went through a lot.

I was still not right for her to push Clare out of the window though. Irene was cheated on with her best friend. Brian was always miserable when he was with her and then when he saw Clare his mood did a flip. Clare was beautiful and Irene was not there was no way else to get Brian. She couldn’t tell Claret’s husband he would have freed her and she would have taken Brian away. Then she would have been left with nothing at all. She had to keep Brian. So she pushed Clare out the window. That when her life changed she would never be the same. She would be worried all the time and unhappy.

She would have never been happy again she had killed her best friend I know she was with her husband. It was still not right of her to push Clare out of a window. She did not deserve to die and for killing her Clare will suffer more then she has ever before. She will live the rest of her life with regret, and sorrow. She killed her best friend even if it was for the right reason. It was still wrong to kill her. Irene will never again have a happy family. She will always have the pain that she didn’t deserved in a way it was Claret’s last way of making her suffer.