In the world of full of verification, there are a lot of things that you’ve goanna believe In. An example of this is a paranormal things here In the world, that was been living for a long time aside from us. Most of the people rejecting the truth of It, some are believing, some are not, some are confuse but most of the time they’re all In behalf. They only believe if they can see but if you ask me if I do: well, I only want to believe but I don’t want to see, but I see and I do believe. Everything happened when

I was year-two in grade school. It started when I saw a student standing and looking at me well, I think he’s not a normal student who’s have freedom to play, to talk to someone, to eat during recess time or not even to study during examination days. Because me, yes I am; only one in the school can see him standing and staring at me. At the first place I thought everybody can see him. So I’m fearless to go near to him or even to talk to him. Though he didn’t talk back to me I still keep on asking him why does he crying. But later on I caught some people’s attention on why am I talking alone.

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I remembered how they talked, stared, teased and laughed at me saying: “That young girl Is talking alone look! ” Eve wondered at that very moment saying to myself, “Every second had been done, is it all an Imagination or Is It the moment of truth The young boy never visited me again. Days, weeks, months and years passed by, all supernatural things for me are now simple natural things. Yes, after I saw that young boy, there’s a lot of like him that I saw and will see in my life. Years been done and I am now in year seventh in high school.

I do my best to do some normal stuff that normal teenagers do. Like to listen some songs of my favorite boy bands, I also try harder to go shopping, strolling, costume playing and bonding with my friends. Those things forgotten me in my past or even in my present experiences in my life. I’m studying at Dry. P Camps College Dave campus Incorporated, near at my house In Torn City but far from my elementary school. As a transferred student- new life, new school, new environment, new teachers and new friends are waiting for me In this school.

I’m a shy type of student to be described by my classmates of me. I left myself off to them and I’m afraid to join them. But later on I’ve learned how to communicate to them and place myself for where it is, I also learned to do simple things what simple students do. I thought everything or something’s will be alright but, months passed by at that school, a time when I’m listening to my teacher while discussing. There’s a shocking thing appeared, it actually tickling my nerves off, I thought it’s Just nothing, no big deal to see like him because I really do can see.

But not because, he caught my attention while calling me then he suddenly walked away and I followed him. After all I’m out of my mind seeing myself sitting on the side of speech vibratory talking by myself alone like such a stupid someone playing a fool. Until a teacher called me asking, “Why are you there Fruit? It Is still a class hour. ” But why am I there? Me, myself don’t even know why. I tell the whole story to my speech mentor Ms. Irish Torrance, the one who saw me slating on the side of speech laboratory.

Thanks God he believed but the problem here is, the story scattered even not, some are confused but most of the time they’re all in behalf. They told me I’m just over reacting, some said that I’m going crazy and most of them said that I’m seeking an attention but I Just don’t mind them. My classmates find me weird, after that happened they gave me a distance, a distance that they could not even wanted to talk to me. And my schoolmates, when they look at me I felt like they giving me a way to Judge me.

But still I Just don’t mind them. Until I talked too priest and I share all my problems, then he gave me an advice. He told me that I should be true to myself and to my feelings because that can help me to set myself free, if they still don’t accept me I should live my own life and Just don’t mind all of them. That I should be happy and treasures every second of my life because it’s Just a small time to be a teenager. But if I will see some paranormal things again I should Just trust God and always remember that he always with me.

After we’ve talked I realized how important life is; It is not worth to be dumped by regrets or by giving time to those nonsense things, but to live more enjoying and exciting. Right now the important for me is; If I believed to a supernatural thing I do believed more to God, I assume nothing, I work hard, I live a simple good live, I give a lot of space to them and I let them Join to my world where I lived in. But if you ask me if I still see them.