This Might be the Greatest Cause to My Life I think about the greatest moments In my life, there Is one that comes to mind that has led me to where I am today and I am going to be thankful for the rest of my life. The day I touched a basketball for the first time might have seemed as a simple meaningless moment then, but looking at the past as of today I realize that It was the key to success In life.

I would have never been at this place In this moment, If It wasn’t for basketball. It could have been a worthless thing to do If I TLD love what I as doing with the ball. But the fact of the matter Is that since day one, I fell In love with the sport. It all started when I was eleven years old and my father was trying me out In all the sports I wanted to see which one I liked the most. Everything was looking good to play football. But the reason that things were looking good was because I had not yet played basketball.

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My dad is a big time football fan and of course was pushing me to become a football player, and at first I really did like it. But I never loved it. I actually hated some aspects of the game, I hated the tight helmets, and the heavy padding, ND the heat of the sun during practice because I had to be outside. But the thing that I absolutely hated the most was that I could not score the ball because I was a lineman. My dad noticed that I really didn’t like it so he got me started on basketball; it was obvious that I was going to be a very tall boy.

That is when my greatest cause was started. Even though I was not very good at basketball throughout my first 7 years, I never gave up and I forced myself to become a good player by practicing hard and making myself a great player to put myself in a great position with a scholarship in hand, and a future bachelor’s degree in most keel 5 years. That has truly been my cause and effect, me playing basketball had an effect on my life by giving me an opportunity to thrive and earn a scholarship in the sport love and has given me a chance to succeed in life.

Basketball has given me the opportunity of a lifetime, and it was not basketball itself. It was the hard work that was Input to my basketball skills. Most of the time It might be true that a sport Is only for fun, but if you really want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful. BY attractant I think about the greatest moments in my life, there is one that comes to mind that meaningless moment then, but looking at the past as of today I realize that it was the key to success in life.