Some years ago I was diagnosed with having a Learning Disability,and it has dramatically affected my academic performance. My disability is in reading and math comprehension and computation,which affects the overall major courses. L want start out by being completely honest,and saying yes my G. P. A is pretty low,much lower than your average. G. P. A. My parents thought It would be a better idea to get me the help I needed,without ever really explaining my disability to me. They wanted me to still try my hardest and not use my disability as a crutch.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my Junior year, that I found out I had a disability during a school meeting,and I was devastated! I always knew I learned differently than others,but I wasn’t accepting this newly found Information! Instead of crutch,alt has actually been my Inspiration. I have been totally proactive about my grades turning what used to be CSS and Ad’s to Ass and Bi’s,trying to beat the odds! And I am, my report cards every since that day have been Impeccable. I wanted to show that If you are determined ND want something badly enough you can do It.

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I feel It Is Important to believe what I am doing is meaningful and that I can make a difference. Keeping these two things in mind only motivates me to work harder. This year I was chosen to sit on the District Superintendent’s Advisory Committee. My life has been all about making change and the determination for a better future for myself and football has played a major role within it. I know if given the chance,’ can overcome my circumstances,and not be defined by where I’ve been,but where it is I am going.