All the adversity Eve had In my life, all the troubles and obstacles have strengthened me… You may not realize when It happened, but a kick In the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. ” -Walt Disney. In The Alchemist by Paulo Cello, Santiago journey across the desert in search of his personal legend. He overcomes negativity, the love of a beautiful woman, and the fear of actually realizing his own dream.

In the story, Santiago must overcome many obstacles so that he may achieve his personal agenda. These Include being told that you can’t do It, risk losing the woman you love, and the fear of success. During Santiago Journey he Is told by the crystal merchant that he will never achieve his personal legend. The old merchant said, “But you know that I’m not going to Mecca, just as I know that you are not going to buy your sheep. I was pure luck that Santiago would meet the crystal merchant. The man gave him a job, and a place to live.

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Santiago was very surprised when the man would not give him his blessing before he left. In the beginning when Santiago started working for the merchant he said that Santiago would not be able to make enough money In over a year to make It to the pyramids. It Is during this time that the boy must’ve been thinking about whether or not he would continue with the journey. Finally, after leaving the merchant’s he decides to go to the caravan. Santiago doesn’t give into the merchant’s negativity, but instead he decides to continue seeking his personal legend.

While many people in our lives tell us things are impossible, we also must Orr about our loved ones. During the Journey to his personal legend, Santiago must risk losing his love, Fatima. On page 122 He even says, “level found Fatima, and as far as I’m concerned, She’s worth more than treasure” This Is one of the hardest parts of the entire journey for Santiago. He knows he has just found the love of his life, but he knows he must continue his Journey. He wants his personal legend, but he doesn’t want to risk losing Fatima.

The way he overcomes this is by hearing the caring words of The Alchemist. The Alchemist says to the boy on page 120, muff must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his personal legend. If he abandons that pursuit It’s because It was never true love. ” These words give the boy the courage to once again pursue his personal legend. Risking the people’s love that someone may care about is a common obstacle in attaining your personal legends, just like the fear of realizing your dream. Santiago fears realizing his dream once he is finally about to achieve it. If he wanted to he could now return to the oasis, go jack to Fatima and live his life as a simple Sheppard. ” (160) To the best of the boys knowledge, he has finally completed the Journey towards his personal legend. He believes that there Is nothing else to be learned so he can go back now. In sports this same feeling has been called, ” The fear of success” and is what causes many athletes to “choke. ” Many times along the Journey of life, people go through so much to achieve something that they might even forget what they are trying to achieve in the first place.

Finally, after thinking it over, the regained his focus on achieving his goal. The fear of success can be very hard to overcome but Just like everything else, you must keep working. In the story Santiago over comes being told he can’t achieve Walt Disney is trying to say in his quote is that even in the hardest times, adversity will only teach you and help you get closer to your dream. Everyone in life is going to have adversity on the path to their dream, but it is how you handle it that will determine whether or not the dream is realized.