Our Love Now I said, observe how the wound heals In time, how the skin slowly knits and once more becomes whole the cut will mend, and such is our relationship. Observe the scab of the scald, the red burnt flesh is ugly, but it can be hidden. In time It will disappear, Such Is our love, such Is our love. Remember how when you cut your hair, you feel different, and somehow incomplete. But the hair grows- before long it is always the same. Our beauty together is such. Listen to how the raging storm damages the trees outside. The storm Is frightening but soon It will be gone. People will forget It ever existed. The breach in us can be mended.

She said, Although the wound heals and appears cured, it is not the same. There is always a scar, a permanent reminder. Such is our love now. Although the burn will no longer sung and we’ll almost forget It’s there the skin remains bleached After you’ve cut your hair, it grows again slowly. During that time changes must occur, the style will be different. Although the storm is temporary and soon passes, t leaves damage in its wake which can never be repaired. The tree is forever dead. Such is our love. Martyr Lowery Poem can be read two ways: either left to right OR left hand side and then the right hand side. Please look in your anthologies for the actual layout] If read left to right [his stanza; her stanza] creates the impression of a discussion, a dialogue between the two, although the differences in opinion are obvious- the male seems desperate to save the relationship, the female is far more cynical If read left hand side and then eight hand side, creates an impression of two internal monologues and reinforces the gulf between them, the idea of reconciliation between them seems even more remote Rhyme and rhythm: No clear rhyme or rhythm- there is a lack of harmony between them, everything is strained Theme.

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