One day, I went to supermarket with my mother. We were separated while shopping. When I was searching In the market, my mother shouted at me. She said, “Fat boy, did you take the towel? ” I did not want to answer her, I felt shy. Everyone was looking at me at that moment. I thought, why do you need to call me “fat boy’ In the supermarket? You can call me that at home every day. Many people were there. Finally, I went toward my mother and answered her, but getting out of there was of great importance. I did not want to go again. I thought everyone would remember I had the same experience as the story “Yellow Sleeve Princes”. In the story,

Rose went to the market as well. Her mother bought salt fish in the store. Suddenly, Rose’s friend and her friend’s mother were there too. They asked Rose “What are you doing here? ” “l am waiting for my mother; she went to buy salt fish. ” Rose said. Her friend and her mother felt salt fish had a bad smell. Therefore, Rose wanted to hide and hope that her mother did not call her to help her with the package of salt fish. She felt shy at that moment as well. My feeling was the same as hers. The second experience Is about my love. One day, my mother told me to have dinner with her. My mother needed me to be more handsome, and wear a shirt.

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Then, we went to a high-level restaurant to have our dinner. Suddenly, my mother’s friend came there with her daughter. My mother recommended her daughter to me. I felt very shy and I did not know what I could say at this dinner. At that moment, I wanted to leave quickly. Then, my mother began to talk about my life and how badly I did. I Just prayed to get away from there. I did not like the woman’s daughter what should be noted that. Both experiences were the same with the story. I can understand what Rose was feeling. I thought we both were scared our mother might do something to embarrass us In the street.