In Lies It was the middle of July, yet her hands were shaking violently in a cold sweat; her whole body was shivering in fear. A single, icy teardrop dripped down her pale cheek and rolled off her long eyelashes as she blinked. Why did he have to go? Flake’s eyes darted back and forth across the empty streets, looking for a sign of hope, but all she saw were dirty, old men smoking in an alleyway by the trash cans. She carefully looked away, being sure not to make eye contact, or let them see her face. “Why must I always lose the ones I love the most? He whispered to herself In a cracked voice. The old men snickered as she walked past, one getting up to approach her. “Guy ala a lend nun”, the man who got up, now drinking a bottle of beer yelled, as he smirked and motioned for her to come over to where they were sprawled on the filthy cement, like pieces of garbage. “Say hoi! ” she screamed at them, running In a random direction. She ran as fast as she could, tears pouring out of her glossy eyes almost In rhythm with her footsteps. It felt like 30 minutes had passed and she still was running, but she didn’t care about the time.

Escape, escape, they’re after you run, run, run,” her mind kept telling her, the same words repeating over and over like a broken record. A ringing phone interrupted her thoughts, so she stopped instantly and glanced around to see who else was out In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Not a single person was there, all around. “It’s your phone, Blake, you Dildo,” she said to herself, rushing to pull her phone from her small black bag before it stopped ringing. “H-h-h-ell? ” she whispered, almost out of breath from running, as she wiped the remaining tears from her face.

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Hey, did you get home alright? ” a male responded. It was him. It was Kevin. Kevin, who had Just spent every single one of the past 10 days of summer with her, who had bought her chocolates, and held her hand when she felt scared. Never before had she felt so relieved, and yet so miserable, when talking to him. “N-n-o.. Lam lost,” she stammered. “This is all my fault, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Do you know where you are? ” he quickly replied in a concerned tone. “I’m trying to remember the way home. The minibus stopped running at 12:30 and Eve already tried getting taxis, but when I waved at them they Just drove by.

My neighbor said a young girl reported to the police that she was raped around this area by an old man and he never was caught. I’m so scared, I’m all alone, I don’t know what to do. Please just keep talking to me, don’t hang up, please don’t hang up. ” she mumbled, scared out of her mind. All the possible ways of death were running through her mind at that very moment. She thought to herself, “l could get kidnapped and held hostage in one of these Industrial warehouses and no one would even notice I was gone until morning. Kevin interrupted her thoughts and answered slowly but surely, “Blake, listen to e, I’m here, k?

Just keep talking to me. ” Blake looked all around; her green eyes surveyed the darkness of the dimly lit village, trying to catch a glance over the medium height buildings by walking further up the slope she was on. Standing on her tiptoes, she looked over a dirty, cream- colored building and saw only mountains. As her gaze drifted back down, she suddenly saw an alleyway, which looked somewhat inviting in an evil, yet subtle, way. It looked so dark, dreary, and damp, its taunting allure tempting her to step closer and closer. Just as soon as she started to process this picture, her whole body huddled and went straight into panic mode.

She began to sprint, picturing the men in the alleyway calling to her. “Come here pretty girl, come here pretty girl, come here pretty girl,” they were almost chanting it, coming after her. She shook her head and shouted, “It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real,” but her body thought otherwise, and she kept sprinting. “Blake…. Blake…. Blake…. Blake … BLAKE! ” a voice called out of the darkness. She halted and screamed; her body almost paralyzed with fright. “Who-who’s there? Don’t hurt me, don’t touch me, and please don’t hurt me! ” Blake, I won’t hurt you.

I wouldn’t ever hurt you. You know that! What’s going on? Are you hurt? If you were in danger I wouldn’t ever forgive myself. Blake, answer me, its Kevin! ” he replied. He was almost going insane worrying about her- he knew they both should’ve gone home earlier instead of talking until midnight, two hours away from her home. Yet, he didn’t regret anything. It was his last night in Hong Kong and he was aware that the next few months apart would be torture for the both of them. But, he did not mean for her to be in danger, in fact that was one of his greatest fears: losing her.

She had almost forgotten that her phone was still in her right hand, and Kevin was still talking, his deep voice comforting to her. Blake leaned on the wall of an old factory building, took a deep breath, and slowly slid down the wall, until she was sitting on the dusty concrete of a sidewalk. She leaned her delicate head, full of blonde hair, against the bricks and took a second to try to pull herself together, as best as she could. Her eyes closed, her mouth parted, and she began to speak, holding herself for comfort. “Kevin…. I can’t handle this all by myself, but I have to.

I’m lost in the middle of the night with no way home. I have nothing to rely on. You’re leaving tomorrow; you might as well get some rest. If this happens a month from now, you won’t be here to help me, so I should learn to depend on myself now. ” She was staggering her breaths, trying not to cry, but she couldn’t hold back her tears. Her eyes were red with pain, and her lips swollen from the salt in her tears. “Blake, stop crying, please Just listen to me. Blake, are you there? ” he replied. “Blake, please answer me now. Do you hate me? ” Kevin asked in an anxious manner.

No, I don’t hate you,” Blake barely whispered. She was hurt though. All this time she was lost, she had completely forgotten. It had only been two days since she had accidentally seen one of Seven’s messages to his friend James, in which he blatantly stated, “After Blake and I break up, I’ll be fine, but she’ll be heartbroken. What can I say; she’s not a big loss to me. ” worth more than the world to me. I wish I could hold you right now and wipe away all your tears. ” She didn’t answer, and he started to feel somewhat concerned. “Blake? ” miss? ” She weakly, slowly, and softly cried out.

Her pain was evident, so very obvious that Kevin couldn’t restrain himself from weeping. He let go of his pride and his dignity, and started to cry. He realized that he had been deceiving himself the whole time. She was the most amazing girl in the whole world and he had almost messed up his only chance with her. “l love you. ” Kevin whispered. “l loved you too. ” Blake whispered back, feeling the worst she’d ever felt in her entire life. “Wait, Blake-” Kevin said hurriedly, in a scared and panicky voice. “Goodbye. ” She cut him off, wiped one last teardrop from her cheek, and hung up the phone.