It Is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. Wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes … But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come In the form of letters such as this. Nice, I know It is difficult for you, as It Is for me, to have a long distance relationship. We had met through a social networking site and I keep on hoping to meet you soon In person.

Although we have not seen each other yet, but I’m pretty sure that my feelings for you Is pure ; true. Life seems to be full of trials in this type of relationship we have, which test our Inner strength, and more Importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, It Is said that True Love’ Is boundless and Immeasurable and overcomes all forms of diversity. In truth, If It Is genuine, It will grow stronger with each assault upon Its existence.

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Nice, our love has been assaulted many times and I am convinced that It Is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you. You are my Charming Prince and I am your devoted Princess. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace and my most passionate kiss. Love always,