When Introducing Yourself First Impressions are a crucial factor In determining how a person Judges you and what their overall opinion is of you. According to Merriam-Webster. Com, an impression is the effect or influence that something or someone has on a person’s thoughts or feelings. When walking into a Job interview, first impressions are a major factor in whether you are going to get the Job or not because it causes the interviewer to make Judges and opinions about you.

To begin Introducing yourself, It helps If you start by saying your name and to address the person by their name Marshall 1). Saying the other person’s name two or three times at the beginning of an introduction can help you remember their name and show an interest in the person (Marshall 1). There are many things that make up a great first impression, but three main tips that help you conduct good impressions are to be yourself when introducing yourself, present yourself appropriately, and to be open and confident when speaking (Making 1).

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One of the most Irritating things I find when people speak Is when they make up things to portray themselves In a certain way that they feel Is right, but that way Is the furthest thing from who they really are. You have to be yourself when introducing yourself because you want to build a relationship with the person for who you really are, not who you want to be. When introducing yourself, if you feel sick or really anxious it can make the other person to feel strange and make a wrong impression (Making 1).

Therefore, It Is always important that a person remains calm and acts themselves In order to deliver a good Impression. If you are confident, ready, and excited about introducing yourself, it will give off a good impression because it makes the other person feel more comfortable and seem like you really want to be there (Making 1). Presenting yourself appropriately is important wherever you are, but it is especially Important when Introducing yourself. The way you dress Is the first thing that another person sees when he or she looks at that you.

Additionally, It Is a major making a good first impression. If you walk into a business meeting with executives from a new company wearing a tracksuit and sneakers, it is going to give the executives a bad impression about you and your company causing them to avoid doing any business from you. But, if you wore a nice suit and tie and acted professionally and maturely, then the executives can take you seriously and possibly o business. Presenting yourself appropriately leads to creating a strong and positive first impression (Making 1).

When introducing yourself to an audience or to a single person, it is important that you remain open, confident, and communicate proper body language during your speech. Body language is another factor that determines the impression you make on a person. Remember, all introductions should portray enthusiasm by smiling, making eye contact, and speaking with a positive tone of voice (Marshall 2). You can stay confident during an introduction by walking up to a person with good gesture, a smile on your face, and ready to shake the other person’s hand.

Always remember to smile because that alone gives off a good impression. Your tone of voice should sound like you are excited, positive, and confident, but not over-confident (Marshall 2). Always remain open about yourself as well. Self-disclosure can be a good and bad thing during introducing yourself. You want to be comfortable and be able to talk about some of your goals and desires, but you don’t want to talk too much about yourself where you may scare the other person off and ultimately give a bad impression.

You want to always be ready to answer a follow up question by the other person. Body language and tone of voice are two important things to consider when introducing yourself and they can help you feel open and confident when talking. Judging someone is a very bad thing because most of the time they are wrong. People Judge someone by first impressions and a lot of the time they are bad or wrong impressions about the person. On that note, it is important that you portray a good first impression because it is ultimately what determines what people think of you.