True The house was filled with silence after a long day of people tracking their mess in and out of the house. I was sitting on the loveless as the door slowly crept open. My aunt slowly tiptoed in the door, quiet as a mouse to match my mom. As I walked down a pitch-black hallway, all I heard was my uncle saying, “This could be the night. “. I slowly walked down the pitch-black hallway that seemed four times as long as before. Tossing and turning that night, I tried to get some sleep.

My room felt as if t was a long winter night, so dark I couldn’t see my hand a foot in front of my face. I could hear the pitter patter of footsteps throughout the whole house. Suddenly the hallway light turned on as it made its way under my door. Just a second later my door flung open as fast as lighting! Hearing “Jelly I think you need to come talk to your mom. ” in the sweetest voice. My stomach drops. All I could think was; this is the end.

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The time it took me to take the twenty steps to the living room, her body was already fillies. Asking myself over and over, “What am I going to do? “. I sat at her bedside holding her hand, hoping this was all Just a bad dream. Watching her leave the house for the last time was the worst gut-wrenching pain. I thought back to the time when she said, “After I die, I’m going home. “. The feeling of never getting to hear her voice, laugh, or see her smile again was unbearable. Knowing this wasn’t a dream, my worst nightmare came true.