That one is the title in our play in English.. I Just want to share to you what happened.. Yesterday, we had our play, an one- act play… And I’m one of the characters there.. I really loved the theme and script of our play because its so true in our lives.. I can’t tell you the whole story but I’ll Just give the summary… “A girl named okay had a vacation on New York for almost one year. And because of these, everything had changed. R name, her attitude and her memories on her childhood life. And the end, okay realized that she don’t want to change herself and decided to go back to her real life! ” did you get the theme of the story?? Hope you did.. Yeah.. My role here? I’m one of okay’s childhood friend named nana. And we had two more friends, Tony and toy. And okay’s mom, ailing tang! She is the funniest character there and her eave line Is I GIVE UP! ” Hawaii… At first I and Tony are the lovers but at the end Tony and okay, toy and nana.. Get It? Ever mind. Ha we got 100 at our performance penthouse we had some dalais and we laughed! Actually the story Is a comedy one. That’s the reason why we laugh even If Its not needed.. Hiram kayak angiosperm page comedy Eng play. Eh knickknack Sal TLA! Tapes dam’ pa naming analytical an lines. Yeah.. Peer d Amman dad obvious! I thought that experience will be the first and last. Kayo may replay pa eh.. OK Lang sans gung MGM classmates OK Lang mounded… And the bad thing Is, all the third year students will watch I hope we can make It!