Never give up at anything you do. Giving up is one of, if not the biggest sign of a weak person. When you give up , and Just throw all of your dreams out of the window, and lust forget what all you have sacrificed trying to get where you are today, you are a weak person. I believe that no one should give up, but you need to know when to give up. Myself has actually gave up on one of my best loves I have ever had. Baseball. I was a freshman here at Central High School when It all started. I kept on having family problems, and my girlfriend and I were always fighting.

Everything Just never seemed to go my way. Everybody, Including my family and friends, knew that something was wrong, but I Just kept It from them. I have always played baseball, ever since I could walk. My big brother would take me outside when I was at age and Just throw the ball back and forth. Rain, sleet, or snow, we were throwing some sort of ball around. Well, anyway as time went on, I got older, Into high school and It seemed Like everything went down hill from there. I had a lot more responsibility and a lot more on my mind.

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It seemed that everyday was a struggle. Talking to my parents wasn’t easy: talking to my friends wasn’t easy; I couldn’t even talk to my girlfriend. And by the time baseball had came around, I was just exhausted. I signed up and went to tryouts and we did our same routine like we do all the time: jog four poles, do your sprints, and stretch. Well today, coach wanted to see how fast the whole entire team could run two miles. I was like, “Oh Lord, I really don’t want do this. ” But of coarse, I did anyway. Well, we started Jogging around the field.

But I noticed something that is not normally the case; I was dead last. Everybody was ahead of me, and I was trailing behind them. I did not have one bit of urge to even attempt to catch them. I was being very lazy. The whole week goes by and I am still being the same lazy guy in the back. Finally, tryouts are over and I get to talk with the coach. He calls me out and I walk over there and he says that he had a spot for me in left field on varsity, and he noticed I was super lazy, and that he could tell I didn’t have the love for the game that I used too.

He handed me the pants and the jersey and the hat and everything that anybody needs to play baseball and told me to take them home. He told me that when I get home, talk with your parents about if you really want to play or not. So, I thought about what he said for a little bit and waited for my AMA to come and pick me up from the base field that I Just worked my butt off trying to clean up. I get in the car. The first thing she said to me was, “Case, what Is wrong honey? I didn’t really say anything to her at first until we got home. After I got home, I Just let her know that I didn’t think I was ready to play baseball. My Mama and Daddy both could not believe It. Their Jaws dropped to the ground. Actually shocked myself. My daddy had to have a talk with me for Like eighteen hours about until he finally said, “Well son, I don’t want make you do anything that you don’t want do. And, If you’re serious about not playing, and don’t think you will regret in the future, then hang me’ up. And that was that. I gathered up all of my stuff, my jersey, my pants, my hat and everything and took it all back to the coach the next day. He told me that I probably made the best choice. He also said that he would love to see me come out next year and tryout again after your time off. But, all playing baseball is one of my biggest regrets I have ever had in my life. I am a quitter and I do admit it. But I am strong enough to admit that. So to prevent from going through what all I have, never give up.