Things have not been easy for us lately But I’m proud of us for holding on and working together to make it through this and for everything we have been through!! I know well be okay in the end And I hope you believe that Because no matter how hard things become at time I know this won’t take me away from you It will only make us stronger and help us and make us realize how much we love each other!! Well be okay even when apart Because our love Is strong!!

The distance Is the only problem which Is difficult to face deep inside It’s killing me knowing I can’t feel your touch each and every night!!! I was never strong enough but thanks to you,l learned what to be and how to never give up but always smile and to never want to change me!! All I can do for now Is Just Walt and pray. Remember that I love you no matter how It was when we first started out I mean we were So much alike we shared every thought and We fell so fast!!!

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I know maybe fell In love too soon we both Made a decisions we cannot undo I mean I can admit to my mistakes but can you admit yours I have paid for what live done as you have paid for ours so why is it like this I mean we can’t even talk You always calling me liar and say you don’t care when you know my love for you is still there I never meant to hurt you and I never wanted to cause you any pain but now that I know you want leave my life will be the same I owe you so much and I have so much to prove to you bur at the end of the day I refuse to lose you…..