Today was my first day back at school. Vive been looking forward to the start of school for ages, really glad it’s finally started. It was my first day back. It wasn’t bad for a start but then it got worst. Well you see my new teacher Miss Caroline Fisher has lust moved into our school; I don’t think she Likes me. Today she asked the whole class ‘doesn’t everyone know how to read or write? ‘l said to her that I TLD really learn how to read or write I Just read the dally papers and she also told me that I would stop reading and writing because I’m back at school now.

It feels Like she was trying to tease me and make me embarrass myself. So now I have to find out what her game Is with me? I thought that everything would be new since It’s a new term and a new start, but the first day of school Just felt Like a normal day at school. At break I saw Walter In the playground; I had to go up to him. I was so embarrassed because of him but Gem stopped me before I could get there and then told Walter to come and sit with us at lunch.

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I was so furious, but I stilled put up with him. His table manners were so disgusting I couldn’t believe it, it’s like he hasn’t eaten in forever. But I had to tell him about his manners; it was the right thing to do. Then California punished me for criticizing Walter’s manners, but I really thought that he should know. When I got home I told my father everything. He really had to know; also I thought that once he has heard it I wouldn’t have to go back to school again. But it didn’t work.

Instead he gave me good advice. He said you need to know the person before trying to do something to them, really become them and think of the position they are in. Maybe I should get to know Miss Caroline Fisher a little bit better before I start investigating her or find out what her game with me is. I guess that my father’s advice always makes me think of a new way for me to look at people and understand them. I think I will give that a really good thought and try to get to know my teacher better.